Missouri Death Trap

Featured in the January 2015 Issue of Cycle Source

Article & Photos By: Darren McKeag

Feature 5a

Well lookie what we got here for ya kiddies, another beautiful creation that comes from the minds of northern Missouri. In this particular case a 2001 Sportster Redux done by none other than Paul and the crew at Bare Knuckle Choppers of Hawk Point MO. The story of this particular bike is one that I enjoyed hearing as much as I will enjoy passing it on. This bike belongs to the husband and wife duo of Dave Canoy and Jessi Hogue. For those who are not aware this is NOT Dave’s bike, being that he is 6’5” and 3 bills there is no way he would fit on this tight little machine. Instead, this is Jessi’s bike and she came into it in the best way. A couple of years ago she started off with the humble 250 Honda Rebel that she had bobbed to fit her petite size and style. Then she graduated to a hardtailed Yamaha 650 and when Dave happened to trip on this 01’ Sporty on Craigslist he found a low buck low mile beauty. Seems the guy who was selling it got it as part of a divorce settlement and his son was riding it and was ready to move into the next step bigger so the Sporty hit the block. As the days wore on and Jessi got familiar with her new ride she loved the way it handled and the power to weight ratio, so she was a bit resistant to changing it. However, she also wanted to make the bike her own, so Dave made a call to BKC and a plan was laid out to redo the bike without altering any of the geometry of the frame. It was not a hard choice on who to take the bike to, as Dave and Jessi reside in Troy MO and it’s about a 10 minute triip to BKC and they have known Paul for a number of years, so it was a no brainer. As things progressed the Sporty came partially apart and the beginnings of the Brat style began to show.

Feature 5b

The first thing BKC did was to pull the wheels off and replace them with some black powdercoated stock mags. Once the bike was standing on its own two feet again the attention was turned to removing the stock forward controls and moving them back to the middle, making the seating position more comfortable and Jessi being able to ride the bike more aggressively. Next the handlebars were completely redone and replaced by a set of BKC bars and controls to clean up the mess that is stock. Then came the part that sets this build apart; the swingarm mounted, short BKC rear fender, I realize as do many others that this is not the first time this has been done. The fit and finish of the way it is done at BKC is second to none. The tank came next, Paul did a slight narrowing and also pulled it up to a semi frisco position and in this configuration it sits just right. The only mod to the engine was to install a BKC breather and retune the carb to make it run correctly. When it came time to talk paint Dave and BKC had an ace in the hole. Dave and Jessi had met Darren McKeag at one of BKC’s holiday parties a few years back and being that both Dave and Darren are tattoo artists they became fast friends. When Jessi found out that Darren had agreed to “tattoo” her bike she was absolutely stoked, because she has been a fan of Darren’s artwork for some time so it was the perfect blend of art and bike. Just look over the pictures and you will see the incredible amount of time and detail that Darren put into the One Shot job on the sheet metal. There is only one way to describe it….. Absolutely Amazing. The only other detail left was the leather seat which BKC sent to Bare Bones Leather for the treatment that you see here. For the unveiling of this bike Dave used the stage at his annual summertime bash called The Ink Spot Block Party, Jessi had not even seen a picture or any in progress shots of the bike. She got her first glance along with 10,000 others for the first time and loved it so much that it brought a few tears, that’s when Dave absolutely knew that he had hit the mark. Dave and Jessi would like to say thank you and big love to Paul and the crew at BKC and to Darren for all of his beautiful work. Dave also told me to say that he is living a life of paying it back and as best he can and this has lead to a better life than he can imagine. The evidence of that philosophy is evident on these pages, and if you find yourself in the Troy MO area stop on in to the Ink Spot or 2 doors down at the vape shop…the Vapor Locker and tell ‘em that Cycle Source sent ya! Literally!

Feature 5c

Owner: Little Jessi
City: Troy, MO
Fabrication By: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Year: 2001
Model: XL
Time: 3 Months
Year: 2001
Model: XL
Builder: H-D
Ignition: Stock
Displacement: 883
Pistons: Stock
Heads: Stock
Cam(s): Stock
Carb: Stock
Air Cleaner: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Exhaust: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Primary: Stock
Year: 2001
Make: H-D
Shifting: Foot
Year: 2001
Make: H-D Modified By BKC
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Stock
Type: 39mm Narrow Glide
Builder: H-D
Extension: Stock
Triple Trees: H-D
Front Wheel: H-D
Size: 19”
Front Tire: Firestone
Front Brake: H-D
Rear Wheel: H-D
Size: 16”
Rear Tire: Firestone
Rear Brakes: H-D
Painter: Evan Grodski
Color: White
graphics: Darren McKeag
chroming: None
Bars: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Risers: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Gas Tank: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Front Fender: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Rear Fender: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Seat: Bare Bones Leather
Foot Controls: H-D
Oil Tank: H-D
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: Bare Knuckle Choppers
Speedo: None
Photographer: Darren McKeag

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