Mikuni HSR48

Mikuni HSR48 High Performance Flat Slide Carburetor
The Mikuni HSR48 Carburetor is the premier high performance fuel mixer for larger displacement American V-Twin engines running a modified exhaust, cam kit, performance ignition, performance heads and possibly a big bore kit.

This big 48mm smoothbore throttle bore offers the highest air flow possible while providing highly accurate fuel metering, more power, and Mikuni’s renowned precision throttle response. A new extended main jet and larger fuel valve assure ample fuel supply for very powerful engines even at wide open throttle.
The HSR48 offers all the same features as the popular Mikuni HSR42 & HSR45 Carburetors for Harley Davidson Twins. All HSR carburetors are designed with an 8-roller bearing flat throttle slide assembly that allows an unobstructed venturi at full throttle to flow more air, while it carburates more precisely at all throttle settings.  Mikuni’s roller bearing throttle slide offers smoother throttle control and allows the use of a lighter throttle return spring for reduced throttle effort. And the Mikuni adjustable accelerator pump provides instant throttle response in any riding or performance application. While a high capacity float bowl prevents fuel starvation even under full throttle applications.

Mikuni HSR Carburetors, Tuning Components and Information, Replacement Part and Rebuild Kits are available from Mikuni Dealers and Distributors in the USA and Worldwide as shown on www.Mikuni Power.com


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