Mikuni HSR42/45 American V-Twin Carburetor Genuine Rebuild Kit

Mikuni’s popular HSR42/45/48 Flatslide Performance Carburetors for American V-twins have been on the market for a number of years now, and for some older installations it may be time for a maintenance check, cleaning and rebuild. Mikuni’s HKS-016 Genuine Rebuild Kit for the HSR 42/45/48 Carburetors will make sure you Mikuni HSR carburetor continues to run and performs like new again. Each Rebuild Kit contains all the necessary parts to rebuild one carburetor with all the needed gaskets, seals, and O-rings, plus specialty parts that may wear out or clog up with old fuel over time like the float needle valve assembly, plus new float bowl screws for re-assembly.


Genuine Mikuni Component Rebuild Kits, as well as Replacement and Aftermarket Performance Carburetors, Fuels Pumps and all their Parts and Accessories are available from Mikuni American Distributors or through your favorite dealer. You can look up all the available Kits, Carburetors and Parts, along with Mikuni Distributors on the www.MikuniPower.com website.

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