Michigan Helmet Law Repeal takes affect today!

You now have the freedom of choice for helmets in Michigan as of today!

Well, Michigan just became on of the many states that do not require that you wear a helmet when on a motorcycle. But they do have some pretty strict guidelines to follow.

You can only ride without a helmet if you have the following

  • $20,000 additional in a Medical Policy for Insurance
  • 2 Years of riding a motorcycle with a valid license
  • Completed the motorcycle safety course
  • Be 21 yrs old

This law actually is in effect as of today Friday April 13th. There are quite a few people who are not to happy about the governors decision. AAA of Michigan is one of them saying that it is poor public policy, and will increase motorcycle injuries and fatalities.

The governor had said that he would not sign the bill unless it was attached to some kind of insurance policy requirements.

ABATE of Michigan plans to continue providing certified motorcycle courses across the state
The law was written with input from ABATE, and this is the strictest state among the 30 states with freedom of choice.
ABATE Michigan has partnered with public schools and private driving instructors to teach more than 75,000 new drivers about motorcycle awareness.
Now this is the direction that will benefit all drivers and riders alike, and remember helmet free could generate more than $1 billion in direct and indirect revenue according to a recent Michigan Consultants study.
Congrats to all the freedom fighters in ABATE and the MRF!
Let those who ride decide.



14 thoughts on “Michigan Helmet Law Repeal takes affect today!

  1. JunioR G: You can look up FMVSS218. Based the testing guidlines, no protutions are allowed (I used my own words). But most cops, judges and riders have no idea what a legal helmet is anyway…so ride on! Just to make a few points: no such thing as a DOT Approved helmet (the DOT doesn’t approve ANYTHING!) Most helmets are not tested. You can look that up by googling FMVSS218 Helmet Tests…that shoud take you to NHTSA test results. Should a helmet actually pass testing, the max it can with stand with some energy obsorbtion is approx 13.2 miles per hour. It is not illegal to make your own helmet (I did). Schnell is not better, just a different testing standard, they basically drop it twice on the same spot with DOT testing is one drop. Anyway wear the spikes! If a novelty helmet add a DOT sticker and tell em it came that way

  2. Right on to that, couldnt of said it better myself, its all about our rights,,,, helmets, firearms,its all the same, the more we let them take , the less USA we become!! think of it like this, what if they say they are takin your kids if you have more than 3???? you gonna let them???? just sayin

  3. Any time We the People gain a Freedom back from our controlling Bureaucrats is a Great Victory. People need to look past the Helmet and see the bigger picture. If we allow the Government to continue to tell us what we can and can’t do next they will be telling you what to eat, not to smoke, and let’s not get into gun ownership. So lets just stay focused on the real Victory here and not squabble over wearing your helmet or not wearing it. Remember Freedom of choice is a good thing.

  4. Does anyone know what the law actually states as far as haveing spikes in your helmet??? i know that before you wernt suposed to have anything potruding more than 1/8 inch i was told by a state trooper and got a ticket….

  5. yes it should be your choice and, i for one will wear mine at times and not wear it other times, its no different than our 2nd amendment they try to take from us everyday!!! Just one more thing that helps keeps this “The land of the Free”

  6. Well I think that this is GREAT that my home state has brought back a riders CHOICE about helmets. I hope that my father-in-law and brother-in-law get a HELMETLESS ride in for me since I am stationed in Virginia Beach and won’t get back to MICHIGAN until next April or May.

  7. Congratulations to all the people in Michigan who worked to make wearing of helmets Freedom of Choice. People that means what it say If you want to wear one fine, if you do not fine as well.
    Please do not infringe on a persons right to make decisions on their choice even if you personally wish to do something different.
    To really understand how important it is you might want to check history. Go back to the 70s when Joan Claybrook and the NHTSA threatened to withhold Federal Highway funds to states that did not pass specific laws. These laws were 55 MPH, Mandatory Helmet Law for Motorcyclist, Mandatory Seat Belt Law, 1.4 Blood Alcohol Content for DUI and some School Bus Legislation.
    Well the 55 MPH did not last long and then they went after the motorcyclist because they felt they would be a easy target. Realizing these laws were Extortion by the Government motorcyclist began to fight them.
    There is a well documented history of protests, court trials and even a hearing in Washington DC to remove the Blackmail threat. When that happened many states repealed the Mandatory Helmet Law. Some states refused to do so because they did not want to admit they had no balls and rolled over for a government agency.
    This has been a long fight and it is still going on in many states.
    It is important to continue to fight this type of legislation because if the government ever wins they will continue to further take your right of Freedom of Choice.
    Ride Free

  8. Hey Joe .Where you goin with that bandetta on your head?
    Cars are safer than bikes ….so duh?
    Hope your doo rag soaks up protects your pea brain.

  9. Think about this. If helments were not really a good thing. Racers would not wear them. Those guys are going in the same direction in a controlled enviroment . The average rider probably meets more traffic in the first 10 minutes of leaving their driveway.Besides some people look people look better with a helment on .Lol. I also believe it’s your choice if the law allows it.
    My choice is to wear one.

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