METZELER unveils the Sturgis AMA Supermoto Elephant Run for 75th Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™


Rome, GA, April 30, 2015 – Once again Metzeler will contribute to the iconic Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ this year for its landmark 75th anniversary, announcing the inclusion of the AMA Supermoto “Elephant Run” race event on the schedule, which will provide Sturgis attendees and off road racing enthusiasts with a chance to see quality race action from the world class series live on-site.

Named the “Elephant Run” in tribute to Metzeler’s iconic brand logo of the blue elephant, the race will take place over August 1-2 in Downtown Sturgis City Park and Sturgis South Dakota.

“The City of Sturgis is excited to partner with Metzeler and AMA Supermoto to bring a Supermoto race to Sturgis during the 75th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™.  Metzeler is a great ambassador for the City of Sturgis.  They understand that Sturgis is harmonious with racing.  It’s our past, present and future.   Every year we team up with Metzeler and AMA Supermoto for our September Supermoto race which is held on our Legendary Main Street.  It draws over 5,000 spectators for the weekend and is an enormous success.   We are eager to see what they have planned for the rally,” states Daniel Ainslie, Manager for the City of Sturgis.race-action-2

Sturgis has a strong racing heritage since its origins in the late 1930s when the Rally was called the Black Hills Motor Classic, where in affiliation with the American Motorcyclist Association it aimed to put on modern motorcycle races for “speed demons to thrill motor fans” (August 3,1939 local newspaper headline). Many great athletes have raced at the Sturgis Rally, including AMA Hall of Fame Chris Carr, AMA National Champions Ben and Eric Bostrom; Grand National Champion Jared Mees and Brad “the Bullet” Baker.  The Rally has hosted flat track, hill climbs and motocross over the years but never Supermoto.  The City of Sturgis, AMA Supermoto and Metzeler are therefore excited to host the first ever Sturgis Rally Supermoto Race and bring this exhilarating form of racing to Sturgis.

Matt Stewart, President of AMA Supermoto, says, “We are very excited about the Metzeler Elephant Run. Our experience with both Metzeler and the city of Sturgis has been awesome. We look forward to being a part of this historic event.”

“Supermoto is coming to this year’s 75th Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ and we’re stoked to ride out front as sponsor of the event and tire choice of 2014 AMA Supermoto Champion Gage McAllister, who rode to victory on our Racetec SM tires,” said Jeff Johnston, Metzeler North America Product Manager.

Metzeler has also recently launched these new 2014 Racetec SM Supermoto tires, developed in world Supermoto competition, in North America in either a 16.5” or 17” size and in a K1 soft or K2 mid soft compound. The rear 17” slick tires are offered in K0 super soft, K1 soft, or K2 mid soft compound. And if conditions change, METZELER also offers a 16.5” front rain tread pattern in the K1 rain compound and a 17” rear block pattern rain tire in the K1 rain compound.


“These tires give riders excellent and progressive sliding and grip with their tailored profile and compounds, specifically designed for this type of racing,” Johnston adds.

For more information on the Elephant Run and to buy VIP Packages visit

For more information on pricing and compound selection of the new Metzeler Racetec SM Supermoto tires, contact these distributors:

CT Racing (Western US)

Orion M/S (Eastern US and Canada)metzeler logo

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