Metzeler Burn Out Contest

BMR 2014

Article By: Chris Callen


So there isn’t a whole lot to tell you about the burnout contest except….DAMNNNNN!!!! A lot of people made comments on Bookface that they never understand these things…Blah, Blah, Blah. Look, what is there to understand? It’s a primal ritual. You take one part dangerous machine, one part crowd induced peer pressure and about a hundred parts over grown testosterone and a burnout contest is sure to ensue. We like to do our best to keep the fellas happy so we made a little spot at BMR this year to hold an official contest and the good folks from Metzeler were kind enough to throw in some tires as prizes to make it all the more appealing.



The box got hot fast and unfortunately the kitchen had to be closed almost as soon as we got started. Guess we should have thought the location out a little better. Bike after bike pulled in and just about the time the ride was lost from sight in a thick of white smoke, Pow! The rear tire went and the bike was pushed off to the side. In the end Darren McKeag was the man on top and not only took one of the first place awards of a complete set of tires but also took the other. I mean…he did three of the best burnouts in the place, one where he lit the ass end of the bike on fire, one when he blew the tire off and one while the tires was blown that still beat half the other guys in the box!



RJ Powell took one of the second place awards with a standing burnout and won a rear tire from Metzeler, Buck rolled in on a Harlot Cycle custom and ran off his rear taking the other of the second place rear tires. Third place went to Jason Grimes who not only performed a great burnout inside the box on his FXahhhh, but he continued outside with a doughnut halfway down the midway afterwards. For that he got a $50 Metzeler Gift Card. All and all a great show by all these cats! Thanks to everyone at Metzeler for helping us act up a bit and giving the guys a reason to run Metzeler Tires!



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