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Metal Rescue is a clear, water-based solution that is nontoxic, non-hazardous, has no acids, no sol- vents, and does not have a smell. Their motto is: “Safe on everything but rust.”

This rust removing solution makes some big claims. I hate to admit it but I was very skeptical about Metal Rescue, so I decided to put it to the test and use it for this month’s tech article.

After reading the directions it seemed like a very simple process: 1) soak it, 2) check it, 3) rinse & dry. I thought, Really, that’s it?

So with the Metal Rescue in hand, I headed to the Pandemonium shop. I dug around the place to find some good test pieces: an old rusty valve and spring, a rusty chrome plated engine mount, and also an old gas tank that was full of rust. I figured these pieces would put

Metal Rescue to the test.

So it said in the directions to soak the rusty part in a plastic container. I found a plastic coffee can — that should work! So I put the spring, valve and chrome engine mount in the container and filled ‘er up with the Metal Rescue. It also says in the directions that the room, part and solution temperature needs to be 68 degrees or above. Well, the shop and parts were at 65 degrees for my test, 3 degrees under what it is supposed to be. We’ll see if the temp difference has an effect on the process.

As far as the rusty gas tank went, I cut the sucker in half so we could really see the results! I placed the gas tank half on the work bench and poured Metal Rescue in it about one inch deep, this way we would see a good before and after.

With the parts all soaking, I decided to go and come back in an hour to check on them. 1, 2, 3, 4 hours in on the soaking process and nothing! 5, 6 hours in and still nothing! So, I decided to let them soak overnight and check on them in the morning.

The directions do say to let the parts sit 24 to 48 hrs. depending on the level of rust and the part. The shop was still at 65 degrees.

Well, the next morning came and I headed to the shop to check on the progress of what the Metal Rescue had done overnight. The first thing I noticed was that the once clear solution was now gray. I immediately thought that something must have happened while I slept. I removed the parts from the Metal Rescue, and I‘ll be damned, this stuff works: clean, raw steel! I rinsed the parts off with the Metal Rescue from the plastic coffee can then dried them with air from the compressor. These parts had no rust on them! They looked amazing!

I will definitely use Metal Rescue Rust Removing Solution on future projects. The 3 degree difference didn’t seem to affect the performance of this product. I highly recommend it for any of your rust removing needs.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at the shop 419-576-6812 – Daniel Donley


One old gas tank, valve and springs, and a chrome engine mount. These will be great parts to try the Metal Rescue Rust Removing Solution on.


Rusty Parts !


Metal Rescue at work. Parts are soaking in the solution.


You can see the gas tank half where the Metal Rescue did its job. What a difference!


Before & after on the valve springs! WOW!

The intake valve is clean as a whistle

Metal Rescue even worked on this chrome plated engine mount.

Look at the fluid line to see the difference. The chrome is shinier too.


Metal Rescue Rust Removing Solution now approved by the Source Garage … and that’s NO BULLSHIT!

Check out the website at

If you have any questions about this test please don’t hesitate to call Pandemonium and talk to Daniel about this product.

February 2014 Issue Cycle Source

Article By: Daniel Donley at Pandemonium Custom Choppers


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