Merry Christmas to you and yours!

As the day comes to an end. I wanted to take a minute and Wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great day.

As we were on our way to a friends house last night I couldn’t help but think about Christmas and how it was when I was a kid. Remembering the anticipation of Christmas day and it wasn’t just because of getting presents it was because we used to have really big family gathering at Christmas and all of my family was around and my cousins and so on. The adults would all be down stairs playing cards and all the kids would be upstairs playing. Or the times that I spent doing things with my family right before Christmas like making popcorn string garland and craft type stuff. It was times like this that are very vivid in my childhood and often think back and wonder what happened to all of that. The only thing that I can come up with is that everyone grew up and started doing things different. Mainly because society changed how Christmas was.

To kids today Christmas is about only one thing and that is gimme gimme gimme gifts. Its truly sad to think that is all that kids today know of what Christmas really is. The real meaning behind Christmas to me is what I grew up remembering which is the wonderful time that was spent with my family. I miss it and I said last night that I would love to have that feeling back. But for me Christmas has been changed forever. I lost my mother suddenly Christmas 4 years ago. She died of H1N1. It is still very hard for me this time of year. It still seems as though it should all be a dream, or nightmare and I wish I would wake up and my mom would be here. I would give anything to hear her voice or get a hug.

So with all that said.  I just thought I would share with you what my thoughts were on Christmas and maybe it would spark some memories for someone else and maybe someone would pass it on to their kids. We need to really teach kids today what this time of year is really about. Its not about gifts and how much someone spent on something.

So I Wish you all a Merry Christmas




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