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Article By: Amelia ” Killer” Rose

Originally Published In The December 2018 Issue

For Marco Tomesani, the drive to create art in his life was born deep in his blood and is something he has been passionate about from a very young age. The passion and instinct is what drove him to attend Liceo Artistico e Accademia delle Belle Arti (Art High School and the Academy Of Fine Arts in Rome).

In 1985 he ended his education in the arts, though without finalizing his training, no one wanted to hire him. So, creating his own solution, he became a freelance artist and the next year opened a small atelier where he worked as a photographer and illustrator for a local advertising company. Initially, his decision to pursue art as a full-time career was a difficult one, as it tends to be for most young artists. Whether or not to stay in the ordinary and mundane, always wishing for something more, or reach out and fill the world with extraordinary color and life, constantly seeking the next adventure. Inevitably, Marco chose the path of light and color after realizing that it was what he had been doing all his life.

Alongside his love of art growing up was his love of motorcycles. Like many of the young boys that grew up with him, Marco had a deep love of motorcycles and was always fascinated with them. At the start, motorcycles were mainly the partner of many adventures in his youth from off-road adventures to wild travels. Eventually, he realized that he was able to combine the two and began painting helmets and motorcycles for friends (which he still does now for commissions), and then worked his way up to designing the look for SBK team and MotoGP.

Marco is versatile in his use of medium and can choose (depending on the subject) oil on canvas, watercolor, or just a simple pencil on paper. He makes it very clear that he does not do any of his work on a computer, and that it is exclusively handmade. In a day and age where varying forms of technology take up the majority, even in art, it is a beautiful sight to have an artist that refuses to rely on them and sticks to, for lack of a better term, the basics. He even avoids using technology in daily life, and in instances like this article, has a friend to help him out.




Hard work is the most important thing to him, and he continually stresses the need to use your own inspiration, work hard, focus on technique and be the best version of your artistic self that you can be. Marco considers himself lucky because he lives in an area of Bologna called Motor Valley, where, in the neighborhood you can find names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati, the rich of legends.

He has found inspiration in his several trips to the States, learning our culture and enjoying the large spaces we have here. Experiencing other cultures allows him to interpret and represent them in his own way.








He has also been lucky enough to have traveled across the world because of his art. Now and then he enters an advertising company’s design contest for, say, a famous perfume, and every now and again, he wins. The last time he entered a contest, the first prize was a trip to Brazil, where he went a year later with a journalist friend that he crossed the jungle by bicycle with. The trip lasted four months in total, with incredible stories and adventures to last him a lifetime

As for how he feels about where is art is going, his answer is quite simple; “I really do not know.”

“I hope the engine still resists and hope to have gasoline enough to make it down the road. I’m enjoying finding new input and the desire to learn and search for it is still alive.”

However, he’s happy in his artistic endeavors and wouldn’t change anything for the world. Today, Marco spends his time drawing and painting the things he loves most, and with the help of social media and the internet he is able to share his incredible talents with the rest of the world.

If you want to check out any of Marco’s incredible artwork or purchase a piece to own, you can head on over to or check out his Instagram @tometomesani

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