Man Riding Across Siberia….. Coldest Place On The Planet!

Karolis Mieliauskas is a 36 y.o. father, a regular guy, the average Joe but he is adventuring to do a very un average thing, to ride the Eastern Siberian Tundra. Karolis plans to reach the coldest place on earth by motorbike. From the site that contains all the information about his ride:  you can follow along and read all the “Bone Chilling” details. Meet the Siberian “Road of Bones”

“For me a tough motorcycle ride is a perfect method for active meditation. Motorbike plays as a tool to test upper limits of own performance and to explore the self. I mostly travel alone and like to ride 1000km a day on my single cylinder all around motorbike. While on a ride, I trust in self and life. This way, I remain relaxed and can keep alert for many hours in concert with seeing what’s happening around every moment.”  – Karolis Mieliauskas

In February 2019, starting in Yakutsk and finishing in Oymyakon – the coldest inhabited place on earth, Karolis plans to travel on the most treacherous roads in the world, the Siberian “Road Of Bones.” An example of the temperatures he will face can be estimated from Yakutusk where the average February morning can be -40 degrees Celsius, nothing compared to the -60 in Oymyakon. It’s an incredible 1000km ride in total and not only the adventure of a lifetime but an accomplishment for the ages. Follow along on his website and face book, give encouragement wherever you can.

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