Lucifer’s Hammer

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Article And Photos By: Mark Velazquez

Originally Published In The October 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Scottie Porges has been building and servicing motorcycles in the New England community of Framingham Massachusetts since 1994 under the name of American Motorcycle Service. His bluecollar town is about 20 miles west of Boston and will always be the place Scottie will call home. I fi rst met Scottie many years ago at a bike show in Springfi eld Mass. And to this day he has yet to change. Always low key and packing a smile under that big mustache. If I could steal a line from Zeppelin to sum it all up for Scottie it would be “The Song Remains The Same” …. build, build, build. The newest creation to come out of the world that sits inside Scottie’s head is a bike called Lucifer’s Hammer. The vision for this bike had been in his head for over three plus years. So, when his close friend Rob Lopez, who has had a hand in almost every motorcycle Scottie has built, and together they have produced at least seven as a team, gave him a call and said, “It’s been too long! Time for another” Scottie’s S reply was, “Get ready cause we’re gonna break the bank and kick some ass!” It was of course game on.

Now, with the times of today and everything the we see going on how ironic is it that the bike Lucifer’s Hammer would have the theme of good vs. evil, heaven against hell, right against wrong? Regardless which side of that fence you sit on you will fi nd your thoughts embedded in this bike for sure. Call it karma, but it is a total refl ection of today’s times. With a vision in mind, the build began. The engine you see before  you is a 103” Pan built in-house and packed with pistons, heads, and cam all from the good old boys at S&S Cycles. Its complimented with a Super G carb and a killer Morris Magneto ignition. As you look at the carb, you will notice it is dressed in the Seven Deadly Sins and the engine, well one half refl ects the heavens and the other half refl ects hell. Balance. The tranny is an Andrews 4 speed, and with the help of Cody Sharon, the perfect exhaust was created that sits quietly unnoticed until she is woken up to roar. All of this sits on a Paughco frame with a dash of AMS. Engine, frame, and exhaust have the making of the perfect Pan and the perfect ride. But there is so much more to this bike that truly makes it unique. For the record, let it be known that all that sits on this bike are 95% fabricated by Scottie. But of course, there are key players in this build that need mention and will now get the recognition Scottie feels they genuinely deserve.

We must start by acknowledging the incredible engraving done to this ride! Heather New of New Line Engraving based out of Canada took on the task of making Scottie’s vision become reality. After being given almost free range once the concept was explained, Scottie would send Heather parts of the bike, six to seven pieces at a time and let her do her thing. In the end, she did not disappoint. The detail and craftsmanship is beyond words. To be honest, to really go over all that was done would need its own story. Pure perfection is an understatement. Let it be known that you are looking at work done in nickel, nuff said! The seat pan was fabricated by Scottie but hand tooled by Jean and GeGe. Proving that most things happen for a reason, the seat and gas tank were being done at the same time yet neither Jean nor GeGe knew what Heather was putting on the tank. When both came back, they were identical images of the Arch Angel Michael fi ghting Satan. Maybe just a little more than luck I would say. Although Scottie did the majority of the build himself, he would be remiss not to mention the excellent wire job done by Ritchie, super clean and neat. When a builder tells you that he wants perfect welds, that’s just a little added pressure, but upon closer inspection, I can say, well done Cody Sharon!

After it’s all said and done what you see is an exemplary bike that not only is a sound machine but tells a story that can be told today as well as tomorrow. Lucifer’s Hammer is a timeless statement, and a piece of art that I am sure will outlast most production bikes now on the market. Every inch of this bike has a tale for someone, and it’s all fair game. Be it good or evil, right or wrong it’s all there. I advise you to look very carefully; I am sure you will fi nd something that will touch your soul. Like all good stories, this one will have a happy ending. We are lucky enough to have this bike shared with us because of  Christina, Scotties wife. It is said that behind every good man there is a great woman, and Christina is no exception. Inspiration comes from the soul and the heart, and we thank you, Christina, for pushing Scottie to share this bike with all of us. Scottie builds for the simple reason that he just loves what he does. Never looking for any credit, and to be honest he doesn’t even sell the ones he builds with Rob, they keep them for their own enjoyment. So, I suggest we all enjoy this moment and take a good look inside ourselves then look at this ride yet again. You just may be surprised at what you fi nd.


Owner: Rob Lopez

City/State: Framingham, MA

Builder: Scottie Porges

Year: 2018

Model: Unforgivin

Value: 120,000.00

Time: 2 Years


Year: 2016

Model: Panhead

Builder: S&S, AMS

Ignition: Morris Magneto

Displacement: 103

Pistons: S&S

Heads: S&S

Carb: Super G

Cam: S&S

Air Cleaner: AMS

Exhaust: AMS,Cody& Scottie

Primary: Tech Belt Drive


Year: 2016

Make: Andrews Gears, 4 Speed

Shifting: Hand Shift


Year: 2016

Model: Paughco, AMS

Rake: 31°

Stretch: None


Builder: AMS

Type: Slider

Triple Trees: Custom Cycle Engenering

Extension: 4 Under


Front Wheel: Invader

Size: 21”

Tire: Pirelli Night Dragon

Front Brake: None

Rear Wheel: Invader

Size: 16”

Tire: Pirelli Night Dragon

Rear Brake: Dual Brembo


Painter: Exceptional Autobody

Color: Aluminum

Type: PPG

Graphics: None

Chroming: All Nickel

Engraving: Heather New


Bars: Clip Ons

Risers: None

Hand Controls: Superpratic throttle

Foot Controls: AMS Foot Clutch

Gas Tank(s): Sand Cast Aluminum

Oil Tank: Choppers Inc

Front fender: None

Rear Fender: Drag Specialties

Seat: Jean & GeGe

Headlight: Very Old

Tail light: Sand Cast LED

Speedo: None

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Velazquez

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