Lowbrow Getdown: Survival Of The Fittest

Article and Photos By: Mikey Revolt

Originally Published In The January 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

People ride in from all over the country for this three-day, two-night party in the woods called the Lowbrow Getdown. Located in Garrettsville, OH at Nelsons Ledges Quarry park, this year’s event marked it’s 10 year anniversary. Over the years, you name it, it’s p probably happened. There’s been everything thing from a silent disco, to a rave, to a naked guy who chased people around covered in mud, an engagement proposal, a road caught on fi re, and even the infamous David Allen Coe jammed on the big stage. It’s the one party of the year where you truly never know what to expect. But when you get there it’s always the best time.

This year’s event theme was survival of the fittest. Everyone had to fend for themselves when it came to booze, food, and their creation of fun. There were tons of  good food being made on fires, people ripping up and down the alleyways, tons of swimming with hundreds of floaties in the quarry and of course there were adult beverages. One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was “The Gauntlet.” People were throwing fireworks, pool floaties, beach balls, and talking trash on a megaphone while others rode their bikes up and down the main strip of the war zone (aka main camping area for The Getdown). There was chopper limbo, beer chugs, and some burned-out clutches. Hundreds of people circled “The Gauntlet” and the party just kept getting wilder.

You could ask what the appeal of this event is, and we are pretty sure it has to do with just making the best of what you have and surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Motorcycles bring us closer together, and we find out we have more in common with one another when forced to live/sleep/party in secluded and desolate places. Over the years people meet for the first time at The Getdown and from that point on are lifelong friends. They make it a tradition to come out to the quarry once a year and rage, talk motorcycles, share their latest builds, and just have a killer time. So, the relationships and bonds made at The Lowbrow Getdown are indeed what make it special. Will the Lowbrow Getdown keep going on for years to come? Of course, it will.

With the easy recipe for chaos, friendship, and fun as stated above, this event puts itself on. The amazing people that come every year are the ones that make it all worth it. Big thanks to all those who have supported and come out to The Getdown over the years, you make it the party it is. Fun is all what you make of it, and this motorcycle community sure knows how to bring it. Keep your eyes peeled on the Lowbrow Customs Blog and social media channels for announcements on 2020’s dates. We hope to see you there! Party On!

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