Looking for a cool new Bike……

elmirageLARGEWell you can imagine cruising on this custom built hot rod inspired bicycle through your neighborhood, around your town. All the kids would want what you have and all the “Big” Kids would want it just as much. You would be the envy of your town with this ride. This is something the no one has ever seen and it turns heads where ever it goes.

BOXKARS Bicycles was founded in the spirit of hot rodding and is proudly built in America. The entire design and style of this creation is after the many icons from the Hot rod era.

Tubeless rigid sheet aluminum frames offer high performance. Many different designs can be cut in the frame from flames, to scallops, pinstripes, crowns. Each bike is built to the customer specifications, even down to the tires. You get to chose from different finishes, whitewall or black tires, front drum brakes or none, chrome accents, single speed, three or even eight speed gearboxes. boxkars_logo_web_060411

So here is your next toy!


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