Little Blue Meanie

Article And Photos By: Milwaukee Mike

Originally Published In The December 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

The faithful readers of this fine magazine may remember the owner of the bad mammajamma that is gracing these pages. His name is Roy Richardson and his little purple sporty was one of the St. Louis 7 that I wrote about in time for the St Louis Cycle Showcase this last January. If y’all stay tuned a full feature will be coming for “The Sock” in the future. But let’s get back to the little blue meanie. After building and running a string of quad cams over the last bunch of years, he felt it was time Big Twin time. It just so happens that T he found a good start on Craigslist; a 75 FLH in a frame with the wrong geometry for the build that Roy had in mind. But lucky for Roy, his friend Justin Neely at Hooked on Speed down in Cape Girardeu had the set up to get a Paughco frame with the proper stance and look that he was looking to get out of this Shovelhead. Roy knew that Justin would get it just right as this was their 2nd collaboration and Roy wanted to be more hands on with this one. Once the proper bones were set it was time to get the heart beating correctly. The motor was sent off for a look-see and the heads were sent to Grimey over at Stripped Down Cycles for an expert rebuild, because no one in that part of the world does it better. The heart was beating and now it was time for the transmission. The Ultima 5 speed that came with the basket was swapped out for proper 4 speed ratchet top that came good to go with a 1.5” BDL belt drive courtesy of Jason over at Roadworthy thanks to a connection from Wubzy, who makes the world go round in the Lou.

As I mentioned, this bike started as a mess. After the stance was corrected it became a game of switcheroo…Put this tank and fender on then the next and the next etc, etc. The combo that won the lottery was that of a radiused fender from Gary at Silver Wraith and matching Wassel tank via Throttle Addiction. Not really good for long hauling but damn she looks so pretty!! A thin little slip of a machine to cut traffic like a hot knife thru butter. Now all the pieces were starting to make sense. The narrowed Z bars sit on top of a shaved leg narrow front end with a Panhead riser also narrowed to fit.

All holding that 21” front spool wheel mark the entrance of this beauty. The 0 rake stretch or lift, tight little frame holds the middle and the exit is dramatic with the juice drum, small fender and sissy bar saying good bye. Some of the small but crucial details that make the little blue meanie stand out are as follows. The oil bag that fits so perfect that it may be a Paughco as well, but it came from a swap and has no markings, so who knows? The icing on this cake is the Bare Knuckle S&S velocity stack. And of course you can’t do a bike without a seat, that started as a fiberglass kit from the local auto parts store. It was wrapped in vinyl by a local craftsman and fits oh so right. The one part no one can ignore is the amazing paint that Darren over at Liquid Illusions, who always gets it just right, laid down. It is definitely right on par.

There are some plans to make some small changes in the future. The forwards are going to be switched out for some craftmade mids to start, and then who knows? These things have a way of getting their own life sometimes, so only time shall tell. And just for everyone’s interest this bike actually goes better than it looks. In Roys own words” It goes like an MRFR!” Roy would like to say thanks to those that helped make this machine possible, first and foremost Justin at Hooked on Speed, Jason at Roadworthy, Gary at Silver Wraith Grimey at Stripped Down, Darren at Liquid Illusions and of course Wubzy for just being himself. Watch in the future for not only the story on The Stock but also the next sporty that Roy already has on deck. So, as I have said before I will wait with baited breath. On a final thought the name The Little Blue Meanie isn’t set in stone, if ya think you can top it, swing by The Handlebar in St Louis and try. If you succeed, drinks are on Roy!!!

Blue Meanie Tech0 Sheet

Owner: Roy Richardson

City/State: St. Louis, MO

Builder: Hooked On Speed Cycles & Owner

Year: 1975

Model: FLH

Value: ???

Time: 3 Years


Year: 1975

Model: Shovelhead

Builder: Hooked On Speed & Owner

Ignition: Points


Pistons: 20 Over

Heads: Shovel

Carb: S&S Super E

Cam: ?

Air Cleaner: Glass Velocity Stack

Exhaust: Upswept Kick Out




Make: Ratchet Top

Shifting: Normal


Make: Sante

Rake: 0

Stretch: 0



Type: Shaved 35mm


Triple trees:


Front Wheel: Spool

Size: 21”

Tire: Firestone

Front brake: What’s That?

Rear Wheel: Spoke

Size: 16”

Tire: Firestone

Rear Brake: Juice Drum


Painters: Liquid Illusions

Color: Blue





Bars: Narrowed Z Bars

Risers: Panhead

Hand controls:

Gas Tank(s): Narrow Wassel

Front fender: None

Rear Fender: Wassel

Seat: Owner

Foot controls: Gift

Oil Tank: Horse Shoe

Headlight: Repop Bates Style

Tail light:

Speedo: None

Photographer: Milwaukee Mike

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