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People have been modifying Harley-Davidsons since the beginning of their time. From basic repairs just out of necessity to performance upgrades. The Dyna platform, in my opinion, has always been Harley’s hot rod. Its light chassis and large cubic inch motor have always been desirable for performance enthusiasts. The aftermarket today supports this platform well, performance brakes, suspension, exhaust, and many other upgrades. Anymore today the Dyna platform is almost considered a Sportbike / Cruiser. The Dyna has always been a great cruiser, but with the proper upgrades, it can also be considered a Sport Bike, fancy tuneable suspension, fancy brakes, Hot rod horsepower upgrades, the list goes on and on.

Within the sport bike arena, rear stands are commonly used. So, you ask “What is a rear stand”? A rear stand allows you to lift the back tire off the ground. Now I am sure you are wondering how the hell do you do that. Ok, so this is how they work. There are what they call “spools” (yes they actually look like spools) that are located at the rear of the swingarm. These mounted spools create a lifting point allowing the wheel to be lifted off the ground with the rear stand. So, now you are probably thinking this is cool but how is this going to work on a Dyna?

The shop door doesn’t swing too much here at Pandemonium. I have been noticing this local cat coming around more often. Greg Mallett who is a sport bike guy and has been drag racing since he was young.  One day Greg rolled up on a 2004 Harley-Davidson Dyna. I guess I rubbed off a little on this sport bike guy! Greg comes to me one day and says “Hey, I have an idea; you know how in sport bikes we use rear stands to lift the bike? Why don’t they have something like that for the Harley world? I said to Greg “Well, I don’t really know, but that would be cool.” It would allow you to be able to do all kinds of things when it otherwise would be a pain in the ass. Cleaning your tires, checking your brakes and rotor, wheel bearings, chain/belt adjustment, and the list goes on. Greg is the owner of Mallett Competition Products which has been producing high-quality American made motorcycle drag racing products for many years. For this month’s tech, I am going to show you how to install Mallett Competition Products “Lifting Spools.”

Mallett Competition Products “Lifting Spools” are CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum also includes 3/16 SS fasteners. All MCP products are Made in the USA right here in Ohio. The lifting spools replace the stock axle adjusting plate on 1991 thru 2005 Dyna Models.

Installation of the MCP “Lifting Spools” is extremely straightforward. A 5/16” Allen wrench is all that is needed. First, you must remove the stock axle adjusting plate and bolt.

Stainless steel fasteners are included. Be sure to use thread locker on these.

Take the MCP “Lifting Spools” with fasteners and install them where you removed the stock axle adjusting plate and tighten the fasteners.

There you have it! They are installed, and it really is that simple!

This is an example of a rear stand. These can be purchased throughout the sportbike world and many different variations. They range in price from $30 and up. They are adjustable in width to accommodate swing arm widths. In my opinion, you get what you pay for.

You can see the Rear stand in use with the MCP “Lifting Spools.”

The MCP Lifting Spools are currently available for 1991 to 2005 Dyna Models. Lifting Spools for Sportsters and 2006 and newer Dyna Models will be available by the time you read this. Custom anodizing will also be available. The MCP Lifting Spools aid in the ease of basic maintenance and storage, allowing the bike to take up less room.

MCP Lifting Spools are available for purchase through Pandemonium, check our website or give us a call.

This year is my 7th year writing for Cycle Source and my 93rd tech article. If there is something that you would like to see me do an article on please call me or email me.

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