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From The Pages Of Our July 2014 Issue..

Feature 1

When Pat Patterson got the call from Discovery Channel to compete in the Biker Live build off show, he quickly became excited about the opportunity to once again build a true Led Sled Custom motorcycle. A build with no outside influence at all, just the pure design talent that sent Pat flying to the top of the custom bike building world when he started his shop over 10 years ago. A bike that represented the innovation of a Led Sled Customs motorcycle, as well as the passion Pat has for dirt bike racing. And after only 4 weeks of building in front of the cameras Elbow Grease was born. Led Sled Customs has become synonymous with the industry definition of a hard core custom Sportster. For over a decade now, Pat has been designing and building stripped down custom bikes. In addition, he has developed an innovative parts line that has become the blueprint for many company’s production of aftermarket Sportster products. You know what they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But Pat stays so busy keeping up with the long list of customer bikes he has to build that I doubt he spends much time concerned with those in “the crowd” who choose to imitate his work. The Led sled presence at industry events is always strong and you can expect a lot of activity around Pat’s trailer, but it’s not the 34 foot gooseneck trailer wrapped in the Led Sled logo that draws the big crowd. It’s the 10-15 custom bikes sitting in front of the trailer, demonstrating the talent and relentless work ethic of Pat and his crew, which captures the attention of both fans and builders alike.

Feature 1b

When I got the call from Chris asking me to write the feature on Pat’s new build, I knew this was a bike I needed to spend time with first. So, I packed up the truck and drove up to Dayton Ohio to visit the Led Sled crew and grab a sneak peak at Elbow Grease. When I climbed into the trailer to discover the hiding place of Pat’s new build, I had no idea what to expect. With all the rules surrounding a Discovery Channel build off, this bike remained a total secret. When I sat down next to this bike I didn’t know what to say. In only 4 weeks Pat and his guys had built the bike that would literally silence “the crowd.” Although the heart of a Led Sled bike lies in the Sportster motor, it’s the roller of Elbow Grease that outlines Pat’s success in blending his established aggressive street pounding style with the competitive characteristics of an enduro dirt bike. This race inspired sled is built on a one of a kind stainless steel frame supported by a unique 240mm Conti Race Attack tire. The 21” front wheel, wrapped in a vintage style Firestone tire, is housed by a stainless steel version of the Led Sled springer. The craftsmanship, fit, and finish of this stainless steel roller is nothing short of excellent. I could not find a single part on Elbow Grease that had not been custom made or modified by these guys. Everything from the spun sprocket cover, designed to emulate the aesthetic of a drum brake, to the custom stainless steel pushrod covers demonstrated the craftsmanship and detail associated with a 3 month build. It took me a few minutes to settle down and listen to Pat as he tried to explain the build process through my constant interruption of questions. “I wanted to achieve a cutting edge look” Pat stated as he pointed out the intricacies of his design from front to back. The application of an adjustable steering stabilizer, along with the use of a 1970’s Husqvarna gas tank, compliment the dirt bike stance of the front end, while the seamless stainless steel frame lines carry you into the aggressive large tire on the rear of Elbow Grease.

Feature 1c

In the center of this gorgeous frame is the ever anticipated Sportster motor, found in all Led Sled Custom builds. Pat made sure this motor maintained the intense detail and blended style found throughout the rest of the bike. The Panhead style covers where machined, powder coated, and contrasted in house, giving the top of the motor a soft rounded look. This round theme was extended down the motor as the cylinder fins where turned in the lathe just enough to lose the square look associated with a stock motor. The use of a high performance Mikuni Carburetor simply enforced Pat’s commitment to building a performance motor. And finally, no race inspired motor would be complete without a magneto, even a Sportster. After completing all the fabrication and finishing the stainless steel parts, the Led Sled crew handed the tank and fender to Darren Williams from Liquid Illusions and charged him with the job of designing a unique paint job that could tie in all of Pat’s vision. Following the front to back blending of themes Darren started with the gas tank and laid down flawless paint and graphics reminiscent of a 70’s Yamaha TT100. As the paint migrated to the rear fender, vintage Mopar racing stripes were incorporated to complement the power associated with that 240mm tire. The bottom line here: Darren killed it! The final piece of the puzzle was the handmade Paul Cox seat which really needs no other explanation than “perfect.” In only 4 weeks, and under the scrutiny of the Discovery Channel Cameras, Pat Patterson and the Led Sled Customs crew built a truly unique ride that successfully captures the desire to find a cutting edge look. In short order this bike solidifies Pat’s mastery of the custom Sportster as well as his position as the front runner in aftermarket Sportster design. The crowd will continue to follow and imitate but Elbow Grease will certainly keep them all quiet.

Elbow Grease Tech Sheet

Owner: Pat Patterson

City: Dayton, OH

Fabrication By: Led Sled Customs

Year: 2014

Model: Sportster

Value: $25,000

Time: 3 weeks


Year: 1993

Model: Sportster

Builder: Harley Davidson

Ignition: Joe Hunt

Displacement: 1200

Pistons: Wiseco

Heads: Harley Davidson

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: Mikuni

Air Cleaner: Led Sled Customs

Exhaust: Led Sled Customs

Primary: Led Sled Customs


Year: 2014

Make: Baker 6 Speed

Shifting: Led Sled Customs


Year: 2014

make: Led Sled Customs

Rake: 32

Stretch: 4”


Type: Springer

Builder: Led Sled Customs

Extension: Stock

Triple trees: Led Sled Customs


Front Wheel: Led Sled Customs Invader

Size: 21 x 2.5”

Tire: Firestone

Front Brake: None

Rear Wheel: Led Sled Customs Invader

Size: 18 x 8.5

Rear Tire: Conti Race Attack 240

Brakes: LS Perimeter


Painter: Liquid Illusions

Color: Orange, Black, White

Graphics: Liquid Illusions

Molding: Liquid Illusions


Bars: Led Sled Customs

Risers: None

Hand Controls: None

Gas Tank(s): Led Sled Customs

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: Led Sled Customs

Seat: Paul Cox

Foot Controls: Led Sled Customs

Oil Tank: Led Sled Customs

Headlight: Led Sled Customs

Taillight: Led Sled Customs


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