Lectron Carb – Magoo Checks In With The Install & Tune

Article and photos by Mitch “Magoo” Bodine

Lectron carbs have been made in USA since 1974. They where actually OEM on some Harley models in the late 70’s.  I first used Lectron carbs in the late 70’s on two various two stroke street and race bikes. Then back in 2010 I used one of my leftovers on a Shovelhead build. Back then they didn’t have an idle circuit, so it was not very street friendly. New ownership in 2010 brought on new energy. The Gen II Harley kits have an externally adjustable idle circuit. The already have a proven metering rod and externally adjustable Power Jet are still used. They come pre-tuned from the factory to your application. You will just fine tune to your riding style and leave it alone. No jets are used! The metering rod is used with vacuum from the motor to suck fuel from the bowl. Different metering rods are available. Adjustments are made by turning the metering rod either clockwise or counter clockwise. Turn right to richen and left to lean. The flat side of the rod must always face the intake. Measuring the length of the metering rod is used for reference. The Power Jet is used to fine tune your top end power. Tuning the Power Jet does not affect idle or low to mid range throttle response. When you order your carb kit it will be pre tuned and its available with different intake mounting and air cleaner mounting options. The Lectron will give you better performance and throttle response and as a bonus you will get better mileage. This application is for my new Panhead project. This is a quick abbreviated install guide. For more info check out Lectronfuelsystems.com and also check out @fnacustomcycles for the intake Tite Seal kit and @oldstf for their air cleaner on Instagram.                         

This is our panhead we are doing the install on. These are STD heads with shovel style intake.

We are using an S&S style two bolt intake manifold. We will use FNA Tite Seal kit for installation, the best option in my humble opinion.

With the intake manifold installed and clamped down you can see the carb support bracket. Definitely a must use part to keep the carb secure.

Our Lectron has the two-bolt intake flange. It is available with a rubber intake mount option also.

Our Lectron installed and looking badass. We will be relocating the chock to the other side of the motor.

For an air cleaner we used the Bee Blocker from Old Stf. We mounted it using the optional three bolt flange.

It is a nice simple air cleaner and nice and small to show off that trick carb.

Our relocated choke is more efficient located right by the ignition.

This is the heart of the Lectron. The metering rod is how you fine tune your carb…no jets. Different metering rods are available for your specific application. To richen turn right and to lean turn left.

Install your cable and fasten the top cover. Flat side of metering rod must face towards the intake. Check your throttle for cable and slide for no binds.

Installation is complete with quality fuel line and filer. Next up we will fire it up and fine tune. 

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