Article and Photos By: Mark Velazquez

Originally Published In The September 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Some people dream and other people make the dream come true. Making the dream come true is the case of Grigoriy Georgiev of Bad & G Customs now in Williamsburg Virginia. From the days back home in Bulgaria Grigoriy tells of how he used to watch Jesse James on Motorcycle Mania over and over again. This, I guess is where his dream started, wishing to come stateside one day and build and create just like the top builders he would watch on TV. Well in 2006 that dream became a reality as Greg (so much easier to type and to be honest what his friends call him anyway) decided to pack it all up and come to America. Landing in Williamsburg Virginia where he had a few friends would be the place he would call home. Once here, tooling around with bikes would be a part time gig as the real world forced Greg to bounce around and do the day job thing. As time went by and with the advice of his good friend Doug Wolthke Greg took his fine leather skills and went from not only making seats but now saddle bags which took off and before he knew it Greg was able to quit his day job. Now working for himself Greg could finally do what he truly wanted and that was to build his first custom Harley.

As luck would have it Greg bid on a ratty Ironhead on Ebay and actually won. Problem is the bike is in Indiana and he owns a Ford Probe! Needless to say Greg rips out the back seats of the Probe and makes the 800 mile trip to bring home the bike that would set the stage for this killer build and things to come. Oh, did I forget to tell you that Greg has really never done a full custom build? But what the heck because this is where determination and desire in a man’s soul can enable him to do whatever he truly wants to… even if it takes 6 years! So, with bike in hand the build begins. Greg wanted this bike to be based on the inspiration of all the builders he had admired over the years yet keeping it his own at the same time. He also wanted to do the entire build himself, so through reading and research and the constant trial and error on the road to perfection he entered the school of hard knocks.

Knowing very quickly as time passes by that every great mind needs a little reinforcement he is lucky enough to have some great friends in this world of two wheels. Now, let it be known that this build is all Greg but just like the Beatles once said “I get by with a little help from my friends” and that he did. To make this engine a one kick start Jimmy McLure from Master Performance Racing turned this engine into the unsinkable ship. With Andrews cams, S&S pistons, and HD heads, she’s as good as they get. And to top her off, check out the killer custom exhaust and air cleaner done by Greg himself. Now the fork for this bike comes all the way from Greg’s Mother Country! This leaf springer with a 4” under extension comes from Galaxy Custom of Bulgaria. And one of the hidden secrets is the smooth paint job done by Corey Nygards of PorkChop Garage. Speaking of the paint we come to what really makes this bike special and that is the leather. One of the biggest inspirations in Greg’s moto world would be the one and only Paul Cox. Having had the chance to meet Paul a few years back in Daytona, it’s safe to say that the inspiration of what Paul creates can be seen through the work and craftsmanship of what Greg does but with his own twist. With leather being what Greg does best he decided to make this his trademark. Using whole on piece leather for each part of the bike everything you see on the bike is a work of art on its own. Gas tank, oil tank, saddlebags, rear fender, headlight and grips all stamped and handcrafted by Greg. This trend will be something you will see on all of Greg’s bikes going forward. Truly one off and truly something to be admired.

When it’s all said and done there is so much to this bike that can’t be put into words. So much to see each time you look her over. Hidden in this ride there are Indian Larry risers, hand controls from Kustomteck DeLux, a killer knife from Michael Roberts of Lucky Devil Knives, and even a 1920’s fire truck siren. And let us not wrap this up without a special thank you to Dan Rollins of Flypaper Customs! This dude just showed up and made a friend and helped! And as I wrap this story up I think both Greg and I can now exhale. There is never true honor among thieves and if you only knew what we both had to do to beat off those who think the paper magazine is dead and trying to get to this killer ride to their platform you would just shake your head and tell them to get in line and subscribe! I have to say I feel much better now… Flashback … the first time I actually met Greg was in Daytona during bike week in 2015. I was shooting a bike Doug Wolthke rode for the Cannonball Run at the Broken Spoke with Killer and kept wondering who was the crazy dude with the Mohawk was that wouldn’t stop smiling. Small world indeed…

Leatherhead Tech Sheet

Owner: Grigoriy Georgiev

City: Williamsburg, PA

Fabrication By: Bad & G Customs

Year: 1973

Model: Ironhead

Value: Priceless

Time: 6-7 Years, Spare Time


Year: 1973

Model: Ironhead

Builder: Jimmy McLure

Ignition: Dyna Electronic

Displacement: 1200cc Stroker

Pistons: S&S

Heads: Harley-Davidson

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: SU

Air Cleaner: Bad & G Customs

Exhaust: Bad & G Customs

Primary: Harley-Davidson


Year: 1973

Make: Harley-Davidson

Shifting: Hand Shift


Year: 1973

Make: Harley-Davidson

Stretch: 4” Hardtailed

Builder: Flypaper Customs

Front end

Type: Leaf Spring

Builder: Galaxy Customs

Extension: 4” Under

Triple tree: Galaxy Customs


Front Wheel: Center Line

Size: 16”

Front Tire: Firestone Vintage Dirt

Front brake: Exile Cycles Rotor

Rear Wheel: Center Line

Size: 16”

Rear Tire: Firestone Vintage Dirt

Rear Brake: Exile Cycles Rotor


Painter: Porckhop Garage

Color: Flat Black

Type: PPG

Molding: Porckhop Garage


Bars: Vintage Apes

Risers: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Hand controls: Kustomteck DeLuxe

Fuel tank: Bad & G Customs

Rear fender: Bad & G Customs

Seat: Bad & G Customs

Foot Controls: Bad & G Customs

Oil Tank: Bad & G Customs

Headlight: Bad & G Customs

Taillight: Bad & G Customs

Mirror: Speed Dealer Customs

Knife: Lucky Devil Knives

Leatherwork: Bad & G Customs

Horn: 1920’s Firetruck Siren

Speedo: None

Photographer: Mark Velazquez

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