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Originally Published In The November 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

This performance engine upgrade kit is like no other. It increases your M8 engine’s torque and horsepower by over 60 percent, and it doesn’t use any sort of forced induction. It uses just straight displacement! The kit also runs on pump gas at 11:1 compression making it a big-inch motor upgrade that provides both consistent and dependable naturally-aspirated horsepower. And it also has massive amounts of torque. This kit will fi t in any factory Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight cases once modifi ed. The 151ci kit came to be by a chance encounter of two vastly different engine builders. Mike Ege has 30- plus years of NASCAR Race winning experience. Ege is an engine builder and circle track racer who, over the last three decades, has established himself working amongst the greats such as Kenny Bernstein, Roger Penske, Rusty Wallace, Robert Yates, and Richard Petty. Danny Wilson aka the Motor Witch is a Harley-Davidson trained master technician. Danny T has taken all his various education and has applied it to real-world highhorsepower engine building techniques.


Wilson has also traveled the globe both independently as well as being employed as Harley-Davidson’s Technical and Management Trainer covering Southeast Asia. Being employed as H-D’s Emerging Markets specialist, Danny has taught both the basics and advanced segments of V-Twin motor building/modifi cation to hundreds of Harley techs the world over. After meeting up in Phoenix, Az both gents spent months brainstorming on making a fast, yet reliable engine kit and chose the Milwaukee Eight engine platform as the one that could handle the massive horsepower and torque. The Leading Edge 151ci kit comes complete with a balanced crank allowing the factory H-D balancer assembly to be eliminated. The kit also comes complete with a Timken bearing conversion, proprietary H-beam rods, CNC-machined pistons, and billet aluminum cylinders, a highfl ow oil pump and cam plate, and a set of performance valve springs and tappets. Options also include your choice of a “horsepower” or “torque” style cam to fi t your persona l taste and riding style. For more information hit Leading Edge V-Twin at www.leadingedgevtwin. com @LeadingEdgeHP #LeadingEdgeHP

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