Kiwi Indian Motorcycle News – The Trades VS. Technologies


Kiwi Mike has become one of my most trusted advisors over the years and one of my very best friends as well. Kiwi has so much to offer in conversation and I find myself looking to his words for direction quite often. He has done this personally for a long time for many of us but a few months ago now… well, a bit longer actually, he decided to start a newsletter and it is always a great read. These offerings start with a nice welcome editorial from Mike himself and also contains current news on both Indian and other brands of motorcycle, the event news of the day and some product info. In general it’s a good deal considering there is no cost to participate, only need to opt in.

In issue number 12 of his newsletter Kiwi Mike hit on a topic that hits home for us, Trades VS. Technology and the importance of working with your hands. While both sides are important for a good strong community, Mike’s offering goes on to illustrate the loss of tradesmen, or the value we place on them as part of our culture. It’s a god read and like I said, regularly published by Mike and his team. You can opt in for delivery to your email here. Or just click this link and have a sample of what I mentioned in issue 12.

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