Kings Custom Fatso

Article By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The February 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Finally!!!!!! This past August I had the pleasure of making it out to the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and not just read about in the Mag. The guys at Kings Customs, out of Oklahoma City, OK were cool enough to lend me one of their new customs bikes so I could finally see what all the hype was about. Many have told me that if you haven’t ridden through the Black Hills of South Dakota, then you haven’t lived and I’ll be dam if they weren’t correct. So, let’s get to it!!!! It’s no secret there’s a lot of aftermarket companies out there that make some bad ass stuff for any kind of sled you may have…new, old, bagger or bobber. My take on things is that its what you do with it not how much shit you can put on it.

Well, the guys at Kings Customs have merged utilizing a stock HD and putting their own brand of hot sauce on it. The bike I rode was a 2015 Softail that they had completely re-done, axle to axle. They started by putting a super fat front tire to match the rear which I’ve never been a fan of but I gotta say it rode quite nicely and held itself well in the corners. Both the front and rear were slammed to give it that super sleek profile, not something ya wanna have if you’re not gonna pay attention to tight corners. Everything was blacked out to give it the stealth look, many of the accessories that were on the bike were done in house including floor boards, bars, and risersThey have an exhaust that is both BITCHIN to the eye and GREAT to the ear, after all we can’t sacrifice the tone of a V-twin now can we?! All in all, the bike was a dream to ride and had all the right looks and the proper riding characteristics. Thanks again guys for helping to make Sturgis a very memorable one. Look them up at Kingscustomsok. com

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