Killin Time: On Tour With X

Article And Photos By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The November 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Greetings riders. Well, here we are another riding season coming to a close, just another few months and some of you will be getting ready to winterize the ol scoots. Some of us will riding a lil longer but eventually they all must hibernate at some point. Which is ok, it just gives us some time to think about what we want to do to make them better for next season! I’m writing this in a hotel room in Mt. Pleasant MI thinking that my touring along with the riding season will come to an end too. September has us in the US supporting the 10th anniversary of the release of our platinum record “15”. We will be playing it in its entirety. Then we’re off to Europe in October then finishing up in November to get back home in time for the holidays.

We played Sturgis this year and G I was lucky enough to go a few days early and spend the time with the Cycle Source family working alongside them and having a blast. I finally made one of Michael Lichter’s rides and what a BITCHIN time it was, I’ve never ridden through the mountains with friends like that and I gotta say it was AMAZING, I highly suggest it! There’s something completely different about riding in an environment like that, the air is crisp and refreshing and the constant roar of motors is like music to my ears. Looking over and seeing your pals next to you, doing an occasional fist pump and the endless grin is priceless and will remain with me forever. Because of the schedule I keep I’m not as fortunate as others to be able to do such great riding with friends and because of the I make sure to never take those times for granted. And to me, that’s what makes the whole motorcycle journey so awesome; to be able to share it with those you love.

Once again, like last year I met so many awesome folks that made the visit so incredible. One of them was a gentleman that goes by the name of Brother Speed. This man is a complete and total example of the reason why we ride in the first place. Like so many icons I’ve met in the motorcycle community he shared stories with me that had me rolling with laughter and sometimes envy. That one man has gotten to literally live what most of us only read or dream about! The absolute freedom of the ride and way of life that has been somehow lost on so many of us as our world passes us by at light speed. There was almost a calming feeling he relayed in his voice and actions that had me taking deep breaths and reminding myself over and over again; “Enjoy the ride and the process, not the end result”. It’s funny when I’m either out here or in my garage and I start to get swept away with it all, I pause and tell myself exactly that “Enjoy the ride”.

Oddly enough it somehow calms me down to a smile and reminds me to breathe. Like I always say we can learn a lot from these pioneers of the trail if we just pause long enough to listen to them. During the last couple of small breaks that we’ve had I was lucky enough to finish my build, I’ve never had a feeling of accomplishment like I had with this. It was the most amazing learning experience I’ve ever had. My father was absolutely right you can do anything you put your mind to. I can’t begin to thank all the folks who helped during the process, without them it NEVER would have happened! Once again reinforcing my idea that some of the greatest people I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot of people) are in the riding community. Gracious, selfless and supporting are only a few words that come to mind, if we can just practice a few of these things what a difference it would make. I truly believe if more of the world thought like most of the riding community then the world might just be a better place. Until then be kind to one another, safe riding and God Bless…

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