Killin’ Time: On Tour With X

Article And Photos By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The August 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Hello Friends, as always I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beginning of another awesome riding season! So many events to look forward to, meeting up with friends from all over the country as well as those we haven’t even made yet. All for one common reason to feel the wind in our face and enjoy the ride, not the destination. As I write this I’m sitting in a lobby of a hotel somewhere in Iowa reflecting back on the last 3 weeks of touring. Remembering the familiar faces of friends who come out to enjoy rockn- roll but more so to remind me of what’s really important in this life. For those of you who travel like I do you know of what I speak. Family and Friends are what’s most important in this race we call life. Even as a guy who has spent over a decade out here touring and meeting more people then I can even remember I always miss home and my roots. Everyday waking up having my morning coffee and watching the news, only to hear of the passing of another Iconic musician or seeing a post on a social media site of an influential person in the bike world, always brings me back to one thing… how delicate life really is. A dear friend of mine sent me a pic of a guy on chopper doing a wheelie and the caption read “Never get so busy creating a life that you forget to live it” I now practice that caption on a daily basis.



I try to stay in the moment of whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment. Whether it’s on stage in front of a crowd or meeting I’ve only known through media sites who share the same love of Harley’s like I do for the first time guys. I think to myself, this is how the old timers cultivated the lifelong friends that they have and how they would walk through fire for each other if necessary. I think that the bike community has so many of those friendships, just guys willing to drop what they’re doing to come over and help you rebuild a tranny or pull your ass out of a ditch and ask for nothing in return other than the satisfaction of knowing that you would do the same at the drop of a hat! I guess the saying is true now more than ever, and as I get older I treasure its meaning more and more. If you want great loyal friends, then be a great loyal friend. Many thanks to Joe Skinner and Jason Kangas of Twisted Choppers for the great hang at the shop..My Best…and continued success.

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