Killin Time: On Tour With X

Article And Photos By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The April 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Hello once again my friends. Well, here we are, really into 2017. Gearing up for all the bitchin’ motorcycle rallies, events, shows, and gatherings that we all look forward to. There are lots of friends to see and lots of catching up to do. There will be stories of brothers and sisters who have passed and are missed daily. And thankfully there will be new lives that will enter our world and that we hope to one day share all our knowledge of the motorcycle world with. There will be stories of new toy acquisitions that I’m sure have put many a person in some sort of dog house!! I can hear it now “What, another frame and motor? “But Honey, it was such a deal! I couldn’t afford not to buy it!” I’m sure that goes on in households all across the land, and what a beautiful thing it is. I never really write about it, but H maybe now is the time. Thank God for ALL of the wonderful women out there that support and put up with all the bike shit that their other halves put them through. They are really the silent partners who help keep the passion alive. After all, we get to pull into the parking lot on a machine that we’ve spent countless hours, missed dinners, and dateless weekends working on so people “Ohhhh and Ahhhh” over it. All the while, the oglers don’t have a clue that she, the lovely lady behind the pilot was the one who sacrificed her new kitchen appliance so he could achieve the goal! I believe the saying goes “Behind every successful man there is a stronger woman.” So, ladies my hats off to you, and to the dudes, be grateful and appreciate each and every one of them! Speaking of gathering frames, motors, etc.

I’m so damn guilty of exactly that. It seems that almost every week I have a buddy calling me up saying “Dude, guess what I ran across?!” I know instinctively that when the call comes just seeing that number pop up on my phone means “there goes my wallet again”. Well, since I recently finished my last project it only makes sense that I should start on another one that is obviously waiting to become a running work of art. You know it’s another one of the projects that I just can’t seem to pass up, Man, I guess I really do have a problem! So, when my buddy Jerry, owner of Burbank Moto called me up and said the very words I love to hear, “I’ve got this basket case you’ve gotta see.” And of course, like a moth to a flame there I go… and a little while later I’m coming home with my latest and greatest project. Now I have to start the process all over again. That is what I think we all love the most, taking something that someone else thinks looks like shit and is worthless, sitting with it and envisioning what she could look like with some tender love and care. So, here I go… starting with a basket 1979 motor, frame and tranny. I’m already telling myself “Well, you’ve got the time and you could have it ready by the Lone Star Rally”, already setting my own deadlines… As fate would have it, the band will be taking some well-deserved time off so that we can spend some well-deserved time concentrating on family and our lives. We’ve toured extensively for the last ten years so a little break will do us some good. I plan to hit as many events as possible with the Cycle Source family and hope to meet as many new people as possible. In a way, I’ll ® HEAT & SOUND CONTROL • 800-264-9472 Protective Split Sleeve • Protect and organize wires, cables, and hoses • Easy to use and install • Easily removed for service or replacement Classy, clean look & outstanding performance be touring again this year, just in my own way, on my time and on two wheels whenever I can! Until next time friends ride safe, be kind to one another and God Bless… X.

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