Killin’ Time: On The Road With X

Article And Pictures By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The February 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Well, my friends its here once again, that time of year when that jolly ol’ fellow who’s belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly to make his rounds to all of you who’ve been nice. To those who’ve been naughty, well you know who you are, so don’t be shocked when you find a lump of coal in your stocking instead of that new torque wrench you were hoping for. Not only is it the Yuletide season but it also marks the end of another year, and for many another riding season has come to a close. With a little more time on your hands hopefully you also find it a time to reflect on all that’s happened in the preceding short 365 days. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t remember time flying by so fast when I was a kid. It seems the older we get, the quicker it goes by and the more I have to remind myself that time is precious. 2017 has been such an incredible journey, full of many accomplishments and a plethora of fond memories that I will keep close to my heart and in the forefront of my mind coming into 2018. With each new year, I try my damndest to surpass the one before it in one way or another.

Change played a tremendous part in the last year for me. Having moved back to Texas to be closer to family has proven to be blessing and a challenge at the same time. Nothing’s the same after your gone for 14 years, my sleepy ‘lil town is now a thriving metropolis of tollways, flyovers, strip malls and more apartment complexes than you can shake a stick at. Kinda reminds me of the concrete jungle I left back in So Cal. Despite all of the changes, there is always something familiar about my town. It’s an ease factor that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. The fundamental feeling is still there; it’s just under all the hustle and bustle. Once again, I am reminded to slow down and be in the presence of what and who is front of me. They say some of the greatest things are “born out of necessity’’ and I for one truly believe that now more than ever.

Little by little, I’m setting up my shop, so I can get back to doing what I love, as well as back in the saddle with music. The oath I took for myself to take some time off from touring and music has come to an end, so now I approach both passions wide the f*#k open!!! Who knows what the future holds? After all, who ever said you can’t have it all? You just have to bust your ass to get it and know that no one is going to do it for you. I’ve been given some great gifts this year from not only my mentors in the motorcycle industry but also the music biz, the gift of knowledge and experience. I learned and now honestly believe that you only get what you put into it. Limitations are created solely by the person who puts belief in them. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this has had at least one person in their life say, “It can’t be done’’ well, I say prove them wrong! Believe in yourself and your passion, after all, there’s only one of you. So be yourself, everyone else is taken and live with passion. Until next time, God Bless and Safe riding… X.

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