Killin Time: On The Road With X

Article By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The October-November 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Greetings fellow lovers of all things Motorcycle….. Well here we are, still in this crap… I must say that like most of you who have watched this situation evolve over the last few months I’m so grateful that it hasn’t brought us completely to our knees and begging for mercy. I am so proud of the Motorcycle community for banding together in times like this to do what we Love… riding and being around others who ride. And all just because we Love it so much!!!!! As I pen this, the 80th Anniversary of Sturgis is just weeks away…It was close call and we almost thought it would not happen but the powers that be in that community and so many others have decided to move forward and it’s On!!! The Source Media group will be on hand filming all of the happenings in several different locations throughout the week to bring you a pay per view event. This will be the very first of its kind and its’ being done with a rig that was designed and built by Mr. Chris Callan owner of this fine magazine…

I received pics of the construction during the build process and I must say he fit a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF IN THAT SPRINTER!!!!! It looks like a rolling news van!!!!! Unfortunately I will not be attending this year because I’ve made the leap of faith to go into a bigger shop… Yes it’s true as Mr. Callen called it; I’m making the move to a “Big Boy” shop. I’ve teamed up to share a 2500 square foot facility with my good friend Mark Matthews who owns Texas Performance Motorcycle. Mark is a genius at all things horsepower, and especially things related to Evos and later models. He’s run a successful business for quite a few years now. When I moved back to Texas it was suggested  that I pay him a visit and thus began our friendship. Now If you know me, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing sharing a roof with someone that is a specialist in later model bikes when I’m an Evo and earlier lover… Well the best part of this partnership is that neither one of us will be moving into or onto the others territory. My Custom world and his mainly OEM performance world will not collide, so it’s a perfect pairing. I have the opportunity to learn about model years that in all honestly I’ve turned my nose up at for so many years. Over the last month we’ve spent our time moving in, slowly staging things where they will live.

But here’s the real kicker; we couldn’t have picked a WORSE TIME for a move. Of course it’s July in Texas which means soaring heat in the 103 range for days on end…Not to mention Mark’s old shop was just across the street (literally) from the new one. So there have been many days with many trips back and forth, back and forth, across the street with rolling carts and a fork lift to get all the stuff moved. Man I thought I had stuff! We moved his inventory pretty much one at a time and I thought it would never end. We finally crossed the finish line just this week and now it’s onto getting back to work. I’m just like everyone else and No work means No money… I’m grateful for all the friends that I have in this industry that I spoke with before I made the move. They did nothing but encourage me to follow my heart and dreams; and all the while they filled me up with good sound advice. I’m talking about guys that I have looked up to look up to for 20 or more years. I figure with all that experience in the Motorcycle world they kinda know what they’re talking about, RIGHT??? So stayed tuned, I’ll keep ya posted on the progress and of course I’ll let ya know about the Grand Opening Party As ALWAYS Be Kind to Yourself and One Another… God Bless. X.

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