Killin Time: On The Road With X

Article By: Xavier Muriel

Originally Published In The May 2020 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


So, once again, here I am, 6 am on the second travel day, and I’m just getting to my article. It’s a wonder they don’t just “Are you ever gonna be on time, Xavier?” I guess it is better to turn in a little late than never…right? As I write this, I’m headed to Daytona Bike Week 2020 to kick off the season. I’m beyond excited to see my Moto Family that all travel from faraway places for the first reunion of the year. I’m also ready to experience new and awesome things! I fully intend to hit all the highlights like I do every year, but this year one of the things I’m most proud to be a part of is the “Handmade Lot”; a gathering of some of the finest builders and craftsmen on the scene today, it’s the product of brainchild Chris Callen.

They Daytona edition is the second go round at putting all these builders in one location giving people the opportunity to chat with the likes of Bling’s Cycles, SpeedKing Racing,  Warren Lane of Atomic Metalsmith, FNA Customs, MadPen Cycles, Helmet Division, Speed Metal Built, RP Knives, Buttera’s Metal Werx, Johnny 99 customs, Flat Broke Chops & Rods, and myself; rounding out the roster. Having all that talent is sure to give rally patron at the Broken Spoke a plethora of eye candy! The Handmade lot will be hosting a multitude of cool shindigs over the course of the week so stay tuned for a recap in a future issue.


I was talking with my buddy Nick from MadPen Cycles about the kick-off of the 2020 Minibike Racing season, and man oh man you’re gonna wanna keep, your eyes peeled for pics and hear the news of the first race! I’m telling ya, I think we were more jazzed about the racing than showing off our own full-blown custom motorbikes. Fellas have been working extra hard prepping their bikes to take home the checkered flag this year. I’m not sure what it is about putting a full-grown man on a mini bike that turns him into a kid instantly but the look on the face as he straddles that lil steed to run handlebar to handle bar around a track and sometimes into a hay bale is absolutely priceless.. It is worth the price of admission alone!


During my time in Daytona I’ll be pulling double duty as I’ll be promoting the High Seas Rally Cruise as well as Providence Cycle Worx. I’m really excited about the motorcycle that I’m building for the raffle so far. Prior to my departure for East Coast I had just received the wheel from Elliot at Black Bike and I gotta say they look bitchin. As soon as I get back in the shop I’ll jump right back into project as I get ready for Arizona’s Bike Week, that will be another first for me! Throughout the season I will be attending various rallies promoting the Cruise and this motorbike build. Check out for more information. Recently I got the chance to do my first bore job on a set of triple trees going from 35mm to 39mm, my really good buddy Mike Hanlon from Time Less in Georgetown Texas was kind enough to take the time and walk me through the process. What an awesome learning experience it was. For a guy who has yet to acquire a mill getting to do some hands-on work with a master looking over my shoulder was amazing. The right machine can make the work so much faster and easier, so you can bet your sweet tooshie I’ll be on the hunt for one now. But of course, you know what that means don’t you? Yes, yes, I’ll need a bigger place…. ain’t it always something… One quick note before I head down the highway to Daytona, make sure you check out the Black Smoke Sinners website for upcoming rallies where we’ll be playing… Daytona are the first shows of 2020 and so far, it’s looking reeeeeaaaaaal good… As Always if you see me come say hi in the meantime, be kind to one another and yourself. God Bless. X.

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