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Originally Published In The January 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine.

CSM-JAN2015.pg28_Page_1_Image_0002For this month’s tech feature we are going to use Led Sleds’ Kickstand. Most people don’t even think about servicing their kickstand but if you don’t you might have to replace it one  day. So here is a tech article on how to replace your kickstand with a much better version by Led Sled. Why is this kickstand better you ask? Well there are a few features that make this kickstand superior,  first  of  all it is entirely made in the USA, it is available in Gloss Black, Flat Black, Chrome, Or Polished Stainless Steel, and 1” or 1 ¼” frame tubing size mounting bracket. For this tech tip    I have chosen the stainless version.  It has internal hidden spring design, adjustable kickstand stop in the up position and a slim, sleek no nonsense design to keep it clean.

Over the year of working by myself  I have learned a few tricks to help when trying to do a job that would normally take two people. This is something that I have come up with to put a kickstand on myself. Prop the bike up with a jack just so the tires are still touching the ground. I use a level under the bike and prop the kickstand up on the level which is 2 ¼” wide and use a magnet to hold the kickstand in place on the frame.

I put  a  nice tack weld on each end of the kickstand to frame mounting bracket. This will allow me to check the  lean of the bike while on its kickstand.



CAREFULLY remove the jack from under the bike, CAREFULLY set the bike over on the kickstand that has been tack welded to check its lean angle. A kick start bike doesn’t need to have a lot of lean angle, because   if you lean it too far it puts a lot of stress on it. Your push button electric cruiser can lean as far as you want it to.


Now that you have it all situated where you want it weld it up! I choose to tig weld my kickstand mounts on. Don’t be using no volt MIG welder here!!!


Make sure you lube up all of the internal parts of the kickstand, this will ensure that it keeps working smoothly and prohibits mud, moisture etc. from getting in there.


With the spring and ball installed in the kickstand I use anti-seize on the pivot bolt to prevent galling.

I also use anti-seize on the pivot bolt safety set screw. The proper way to install a set screw is to lightly snug it and then back it out a half a turn then tighten it completely, this will SET the set screw. Just a little tip because a lot of people don’t know this.



Install the kickstand stop with Blue Threadlocker. Then adjust your stop per your application.


All installed, now take a step back and take a look at your new kickstand! Whether you just installed one of Led Sleds Sweet American Made Kickstands or you’re looking to service your existing kickstand it’s always a good idea to disassemble the kickstand once a season to clean and lube all of the parts. This will keep your kickstand doing what it needs to do and that is to hold up your sweet ride!

So if you have any questions about this month’s tech feel free to give me a call at the shop. 419-576-6812 – Daniel Pandemonium Custom Choppers

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