Keith “Bandit” Ball’s Born Free 9 Update — On the Sin-Central Pod-E

An original Jesse James Build

Pat Jansen interviews Bandit, the owner/editor of Bandit runs an online custom bike magazine and talks about the Born Free 9 custom bike show. Bandit discusses about how the look of the Choppers from the 70’s are now the cutting edge designs of today.

Born Free 9 Update
Born Free 9 Update

Questions for Bandit & Born Free 9 Update

  1. Tell us about Born Free. What is the current beard per bike ratio?
  2. This is certainly a trend-setting show, what are you seeing in the chopper / bobber realm?
  3. Insider DOPE – Easyriders is up for sale. Any insight on what is happening to the magazine?
  4. Your associated with the Hamsters, Is this a 2% club? Where 2% of the motorcycle community has 5 or more bikes. What do the Hammys do?
Born Free 9 Update
Born Free 9 Update from Bandit

Biker Etiquette Questions

  • My chick doesn’t like motorcycles. Her parents don’t either. Neither do mine… any suggestions?
  • I like the look of big twin Indians. Do they handle better than Harley’s touring bikes?
  • I patronize an independent shop. Should I tip the mechanic?

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