Just A Little Triumph

Article By: Matt Reel

Photos By: Chris Callen

Originally Published In The February 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

It’s always surprising how fast time goes by. When I was asked to write the feature for the Acme Triumph pictured here it reminded me that the first feature I ever wrote for Cycle Source was also for an Acme Triumph. After digging through my desk, I found a copy of the issue with my first feature in it. To my surprise this feature will be one month short of being my 5-year anniversary of writing for the magazine. Five years, that’s a lot of time and I’ve had a lot happen to me in that time. I’ve built, bought and sold a few bikes. I have had all kinds of changes in my life, and met a bunch of good people because of these crazy motorcycles. But, hey, this feature isn’t about me. It’s about Acme Choppers and this cool little Triumph they built, so let’s get on with it.


When Wayne at Acme started this build, he had a little different idea on tire sizes. For the front Wayne planned on using a 23 inch Akron aluminum rim laced to a spool hub with stainless steel spokes by Buchanan’s. On the rear an 18X4 Akron aluminum rim was used with a Triumph hub once again tied together by Buchanan’s stainless spokes. To use the bigger rear tire he wanted a Trident frame was chosen. The Trident frame allows for a little more off set of the engine so a wider tire can be used without adding any jack shafts. An Acme hard tail was then grafted onto the frame and a Kenda Big Block tire was mounted up and hung off the back. Up front, an Acme Super Narrow Springer was combined with the wheel set up and a Trail Wing tire to make a roller.

With the roller complete, Wayne tore into a 1972 650 engine and gave it a complete rebuild. The cases were split and the crank was gone over and received new bearings. The cylinders were given an over bore and the heads gone through. Everything was then reassembled with stock spec cams. A pair of 930 Amal carbs were hung from the engine and a Joe Hunt magneto was added to light the fires. To exhaust the waste a stainless steel 2 into 1 head pipe was fabbed up with a megaphone tip. With the roller complete and the engine ready to go, some sheet metal was in order. Wayne picked up a “generic” chopper gas tank and then commenced to cut it up and section it into what you see here. A custom fender was made and supported with polished stainless steel struts. Along with the sheet metal a seat was made and a polished stainless steel cowl joins it to the fender. With the fab work done the paint work was left in the capable hands of Darrell Sargent of Kandy Man Customs in London NH. The seat was covered in leather by Superior Interiors in Hookset NH.


With all the major components coming together Wayne started adding some of the little pieces that were needed to finish the bike off. While these may be some of the small parts, we all know the wrong choice on just one of them can kill the look. That didn’t happen here, all the right parts were chosen. One off handle bars with integral risers were made. A street fighter headlight was modified and used up front along with an Acme Choppers taillight out back. To hold the whole thing up when not in use (which I’m guessing isn’t very often) an Eastern Fabrication Leaf Spring kick stand was used. So, here we are, it’s been 5 years gone by. I’m still writing for Cycle Source and getting to meet you great people because of it. Wayne is still building cool bikes and making his customers happy. What will I be doing in 5 more years? Hopefully, still writing for this great magazine and enjoying the motorcycle life. What will Wayne be doing? That one I can’t answer, but hopefully whatever it is I’ll get to write about it.

Just A Little Triumph Tech Sheet

Owner: Steve Fields

City/State: Meredith, NH

Builder: ACME Transportation

Year: 1972

Model: T120


Time: 6 Months


Year: 1972

Model: Triumph Bonneville

Builder: ACME

Ignition: Joe Hunt Magneto

Displacement: 650cc

Pistons: .30 Over

Heads: Triumph

Carb: Amal 930×2

Cam: Stock

Air Cleaner: Mini Velocity Stacks

Exhaust: ACME 2 Into 1

Primary: Triumph


Year: 1972

Make: Triumph

Shifting: 4 Speed


Year: 1972

Make: Triumph

Model: T-150

Rake: Stock


Type: Narrow Springer

Builder: ACME

Extension: 3” Under


Front Wheel: Akront

Size: 23”

Front Tire: Firestone Trials

Front brake: None

Rear Wheel: Akront

Size: 17”

Rear Tire: Firestone Trials

Rear brake: Triumph Drum


Painter: Candy Man

Color: Blue


Bars: ACME

Risers: Built In

Hand Controls: Justin Tech

Fuel tank: Jesse James Villan/ACME

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: ACME

Seat: ACME/Superior Interiors

Foot Controls: Triumph

Oil tank: Triumph Pre-Unit 1956

Headlight: Street Fighter

Taillight: ACME LED

Speedo: None

Photographer: Chris Callen

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