Jeff Cochran Pulls Out The Win At BMR

Speedking takes the 2nd Ever Hillbilly Invitational Award at Big Mountain Run


This was the second year for the BMR to host the “Hillbilly Invitational” which is a showcase of talented builders from the national scene who hail out from the east coast and mid-west areas. While this was a hard year for some of the invited builders to make it with the other responsibilities they had, one who was in an accident and one who broke every vehicle he owned in an attempt to make it, those who did, set the bar high. A Sportster, a Buell, A Pan and three shovels set the stage with so much detail to look at it was nearly impossible to judge.

Special thanks to all our competitors this year.

Brett Saddington – Bedminster Orchard -Perkasie, PA

Will Ramsey – Faith Forgotten Choppers – Louisville, KY

Jeff Cochran – Speedking Racing – West Harrison, IN

Pat Patterson – Led Sled Customs – Dayton, VA

R.J. Powell – Cutting Edge Customs – Morgantown, WV

Nick Beaulieu – Forever Two Wheels -Windham, ME

On the line for winning this prestigious hillbilly affair was not only a full feature in Cycle Source Magazine but an automatic entry into the World Class “Artistry In Iron” event during Las Vegas BikeFest this year. The way it works here, to keep it on the up and up, is a three way voting system. One was made up of the builders themselves, one was from a panel of judges at the BMR and the other was from you, the fans at home…. Well, on social media. We posted all the pics of this year’s contestants and added up the likes by midnight on Saturday. The combination of those three voting tallies named this year’s winner.

Without further adue we are proud to announce the 2015 BMR Hillbilly Invitational winner as Jeff Cochran of Speedking Racing. Jeff’s bike was a crowd favorite all weekend and had been closely watched since the minute he started posting pics of it on instagram. Congratulations Jeff. Only problem is he had already promised the feature to The Horse but keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming pictorial in that fine magazine shortly.

Watch for more info on next year’s Big Mountain Run and the Hillbilly Invitational on both the Cycle Source and BMR web sites and Facebook pages.


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