It’s The Time…. Of The Season…..


One of the many benefits of living in Southwestern Pennsylvania is the four very distinct seasons; my favorite of which is fall. So many things give cause to celebration at this time of year: the start of football season; great homemade food like chili and all day stew pots; and the beautiful scenery that abounds, but more than any other is the way a good Shovel or Pan goes down the road on a crisp fall night.

For as long as I can remember now, this has been my favorite time of year to ride motorbikes. It’s when we get to dig out the old leathers, bundle up, and ride out to spots where friends hang out around barrel fires and yuck it up before the winter sleep covers the land and pushes us all into the garage for another year. The days spent tear-assing through the hillsides that are painted with more colors than you might think possible and freshly fallen leaves that explode as you pass over them — it is truly a magical time.

I think that this might be highlighted as a moment of note for us because it is a reminder that time is running out. In that annual happening, we are reminded that our lives, the season, even the day we share with our brothers have only so many hours in it. As bikers, or motorcycle folk, we are lucky, that in general, our appreciation of this has already been heightened. We already treasure these moments, but in the fall it becomes so much more. We race to squeeze in those last few toy runs, day rides and weekend blasts that will give us so many warm memories to take into the snowy days.

I was thinking hard about this on my morning run to grab coffee and hustle into the office to get another issue of the magazine done when I realized I am missing it this year. I haven’t done a single fall ride yet and the leaves are in full splendor right now. I have several events left to attend, and while that is a beautiful thing in itself with many great memories sure to come from each, my year will not be complete until I get that one day to do what we do here in the northeast. So here is what I propose: When I get back from Biketoberfest I have about ten days to work on the January issue of the magazine. During that stretch is one whole weekend that as far as I can see will be my only shot to put my mark on the closing season. Now I’m not gonna make an event out of this, not making a special departure location or time to leave, I’m just gonna go for a ride on that Saturday or Sunday and if you are close to where I live and wanna go, you’re welcome to come. I’ll expect that some of my closest brothers will be along and hopefully we end up at one of our houses with a barrel fire and all will be set right in my little world of motorbikes. It’s a good thing that I’m easily satisfied in life, huh? Ok, now it’s time to go finish the December issue. Who knows, maybe I’ll see ya out there the weekend after next!

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