It’s the simple things that matter

The simplest things matter and sometimes we tend to forget just the simplest things to do.

So its that time of year again to get the bike out.

Some things to check before you head out on that long overdue ride from the winter blues.

Be sure to test your battery if you have not had it on a battery tender over the winter

Check all of the fluids

Change the oil if you didn’t do it before storing for the winter.

Check your spark plugs

Make sure your chain is in tension correctly.

Check the air pressure in your tires. Hot and cold changes them.

Check to make sure your clutch cable is adjusted properly.

If you have had any major additions to the bike over the winter just check all of the nuts and bolts and be sure they are tight.

Then give your baby a bath and take it out for that ride!

This by far isn’t everything just a short list.


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