Is Your Twin Cam Under Pressure?

Article By: Daniel Donley – Pandemonium Custom Choppers –

Originally Published In The June 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


I have seen many Twin Cam engines lose oil pressure, start knockin’, and have a catastrophic failure all because of a bad oil pressure sending unit, a bad electrical gauge, or even a simple blown bulb for the indicator light that didn’t let you know you lost oil pressure. This month, I am gonna show you how to install a Twin Cam Pro Gauge (patent pending) from Evolution Machine Cycle Inc. What this unit does is allows the use of a stock oil pressure gauge and/or indicator light with the addition of a mechanical pressure gauge for a true oil pressure reading. It is designed to fit 1999 and newer Twin Cam engines and is made here in the good ol’ USA!


Remove the electrical plug from the oil pressure sending unit on the front of the engine.


Now, with the plug disconnected, remove the oil sending unit.


Next, install the banjo bolt adaptor into the engine; be sure to use thread sealant on the threads.


Tighten the adaptor.


Install the extension tube onto the factory oil pressure sending unit. Use thread sealant on the threads here also. Make sure not to damage the tube banjo sealing surfaces to prevent oil leaks.


Plug the electrical plug into the oil pressure sending unit. Always use Dielectric grease on all electrical connections for corrosion resistance.


Install the banjo bolt through the extension tube with a copper crush washer on each side of the tube for sealing. At this point, just tighten the banjo bolt finger tight.


Now, thread the oil pressure gauge onto the extension tube, use thread sealant here also, and tighten.


Next, you can adjust the positioning of the Twin Cam Pro Gauge and tighten down the banjo bolt. Also, check to make sure that there is slack in the wiring for the electrical sending unit. Twin Cam engines are rubber mounted and move around. You don’t want a pinched or broken wire here.


With installation complete, fire the bike up.


Bring to operating temperature while checking for any oil leaks. Turn the bike off and check the banjo bolt for tightness. Installing the Twin Cam Pro Gauge is very straight forward and simple, requiring only basic hand tools for installation. Now, with a quick glance you will know your true oil pressure and have peace of mind! If you have any questions or want to purchase a Twin Cam Pro Gauge contact Loran at Evolution Machine Cycle Inc.

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