Interview with Bandit of (Pod-E Podcast)

Interview with Bandit of (PodCast)

Motorcycle Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

All about rallys, parts, Bourbon & custom motorcycles – check out the latest shenanigans on Pat Jansen’s Pod-E Podcast!

Pat Jansen of gets the 411 from Bandit of about Custom Bike trends:

  • What’s the next trend in custom bikes
  • Where is the big-wheel bagger trend going
  • FXRs custom bike trends


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Biker Etiquette on the Pod-E Podcast

  • There’s a guy in my neighborhood who wants to ride my motorcycle. My brand-new bike.  What would I do?
  • I like to wave to Bikers on Harleys. The other brands, I’m not sure they should be on the street. What is the protocol here?

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