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Billet Proof Designs Internal Throttle Kit

Article and Photos By: Xavier Muriel – Providence Cycle Worx

Originally Published In The February 2019 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

This month I’ll spotlight the new Billet Proof Designs internal throttle kit. The greatest thing about this kit is that it comes complete with an internal throttle as well as the billet throttle tube which allows you to finally run your favorite rubber grips. In the past you’ve only been able to run billet grips utilizing set screws securing it to the throttle sleeve. Well Damian and the gang over at Billet Proof Designs have changed the game… So, let’s get to it.


The internal throttle itself is a V-Twin product and is Part of the kit, I won’t go into detail on the installation of the internal unit itself. However, I will say this READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! Remember you’re dealing with a very important component to the overall safety of your machine. So slow down and be patient, the results will be just what you’re looking for, worry free, safe riding.

Locate the small oval shaped pocket on the external portion of the internal throttle; it’s located between the two sealed bearings

The knurled throttle sleeve is a symmetrical part, so it doesn’t matter which direction it is installed onto the internal throttle. Slide the sleeve onto the throttle. Paying attention to the threaded set screw hole on the sleeve. Line one of the threaded holes up with the aforementioned pockets. NOTE: it has been recommended to install the sleeve so that it overhangs the end (side furthest from the handlebar) of the internal throttle slightly. This will make the sleeve less noticeable from the flanged grip end as well as to keep the rubber grip from interfering with the operation of the internal throttle

Once the sleeve is positioned where you want it, lightly snug the set screw into the pocket of the internal throttle

With the grip secured in position, mark the internal throttle where the other set screws will contact it. Be as accurate as possible since the screws are very small. NOTE: it is recommended to use all four screws when installing the sleeve. A pick or other sharp devise can be used to mark the spot where the screws will go

Now loosen the set screw and remove the throttle sleeve. Use a 1/8’’ diameter drill bit to ‘Dimple’ the location of the other set screws. You don’t need to go too deep, this dimple gives the set screw something to bite into and help aid the sleeve from rotating on the internal throttle. DO NOT DRILL ALL THE WAY INTO THE INTERNAL THROTTLE.

Slide the sleeve back onto the internal throttle and install all four set screws. Use Loctite Blue 242 thread locker on each set screw. NOTE: do not over-tighten the set screws. They are very small and will strip easily in the aluminum. The thread locker and rubber grip will keep them in place. You will also notice that the set screws protrude the knurled throttle sleeve once tightened. This is normal and will not affect function or installation of grip.

Now that the throttle sleeve is installed you can install your rubber grip using grip glue. The grip will fit very tightly onto the sleeve. Use compressed air with a blow nozzle to blow air into grip from the flanged side of the grip. This will help to expand the grip to slide over the knurled throttle sleeve. If desired, safety wire can be used to help further secure the rubber grip to the throttle sleeve.

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