Installing Jims Lift Caddy At The Source Garage

Article By: Chris Callen

Pictures By: Postino

Originally Published In The August 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


So, in the Source Garage there is not another tool we feel is as important as our Handy Lift table. The advantages of having one are so great we actually have two, one with an extension for choppers of course. The only one draw back is that these things are a little static in as much as they are heavy and sit pretty much in the spot you put them in. They do have cast iron wheels on one end that make it possible to roll them around if you need to, but they don’t exactly make them portable. Enter JIMS USA. JIMS came out with this neat little addition for the Handy Lift, the Lift Caddy, and you may have seen it advertised in this very magazine. In the ad it says that it makes moving the table around so easy even Jim’s grandson can move a table with a bike on it using only one hand. Well, we had to see if this was true so we installed a pair of them on our shop lifts this month. To start, everything you need, except a couple of wrenches and a pair of jack stands, comes in the kit from JIMS.


We start by lifting the end of the


table without wheels on to a pair of jack stands to make it easier to install the Lift Caddy.


You can see here how the appliance wraps around the bar on the base of the table, notch towards the back.


With a little oil added to the threads, we begin to bolt on the feet that will hold the wheels, using the supplied hardware.


Before we apply the final torque, a measurement is taken at the base, 2 ½ inches per side will center it. More oil on the threads of the casters and we follow instructions for the order of hardware, and screw the


caster into the feet.


With the feet in place, we apply the warning sticker that notifies users that this table is equipped with Lift Caddy and to drop the table down to the floor.


From here we adjust the casters. By setting the table to the top locked position,


we adjust the casters down until they just touch the floor.


Using an open end wrench, we tighten the jam nut to hold the caster adjustment in place.


With the wheels adjusted to this position, once the lift is raised to the top raised position, the casters are pressed to the floor, the table leg is held off the ground and sure enough, it slides around like it’s on marbles. The best part is once you drop it to any locked position, with the safety bar down, it lifts the casters back up and the table is once again in a static condition. The product performed exactly as JIMS advertised and has been in use for a month now in our shop. A damn good find and a welcome addition to the Source Garage for those winter time projects that might need slid into a corner for a week or two. If your shop is like ours, then you know coming off a table puts you in danger of not getting back on for a while due to others waiting to get on…ha, ha! Bravo JIMS; a made in the USA product, and a great addition to our Handy Lifts!

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