Installing Axel Sliders With Fab Kevin

Article By: Chris Callen

Photos By: Jean Munier

Originally Published In The January 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Okay, so this is gonna seem like a very basic tech tip for some of our readers but this is just a great product and something we did in the garage this month so I decided to pass it on. These stainless steel frame sliders are available from Fab Kevin for around forty dollars and keep the paint on your hardtail frame from getting trashed by the axle.


Basic list of tools: hammer, center punch, marker, die grinder with taper tip, a 9/64 drill bit and an 8/32 tap.


Here is the rear axle flange raw.


Since the flanges have been modified, I start by seeing how and where the slider will fit.


Since the tolerance of the Paughco frame was a little tight, I took the die grinder and made a relief for the entry path of the axle adjustment bolt to pass over it.


With the notched spacer in place to hold the slider, I use the punch to mark my holes for the mounting hardware.


Using the St. Louis drill press, I drilled the four holes into the flanges; you can use a hand drill if you are steady. I had to mock up a jig of sorts to hold the frame in a good level position to the drill


A little oil first and then I run the tap through my holes. Remember to do this slowly since the hole is tight and the tap is small. Plus, if you screw these threads up it’s gonna suck to fix.


After I clean the holes out with a blow gun, I check to see that the hardware goes in nicely. From here it all comes back off before frame paint. Drop Kevin a line if you would like a set of these axle sliders at


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