Indian Motorcycle Partners with Rolling Stone for the 40 Most Groundbreaking Records of All Time



If you read Cycle Source you know that we have a passion for motorcycles, art and music. So we were intrigued by the partnership that Indian Motorcycle formed with Rolling Stone to sponsor The 40 Most Groundbreaking Albums of all Time. This is the magazine who launched Hunter S. Thompson! But I can say with the utmost of assurance that I have not picked up a Rolling Stone since Kurt Cobain died in 1994, and I believe that Rolling Stone is probably getting more out of this than Indian, but it will definitely fire up some debate. If you doubt there will be debate just check the comments section of any piece written about it, or go look at the list yourself. There are questions of whether anyone really owns a Kanye album (not CD or MP3) Why Public Enemy, Doctor Dre and Run DMC made it on the list but The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique didn’t? There are a few that had double entries like the Beatles Sgt. Peppers and Rubber Soul, a few I had never heard of because it was so broad Artificial Intelligence, but no Led Zeppelin II or III?, Bob Marley Catch a Fire  (yeah I can get Irie with some Bob on just the right sunny day) or Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers? Once again it seems Rolling Stone has taken the cheap easy way out, letting an intern put together a list that is so broad and that leaves a ton of room to criticize, make crazy statements and drive social media. Unfortunately I don’t think the people over at Indian got to put their stamp of approval on the list but they did get a chance to showcase the new Scout and put up some great imagery like this on of a Scout in modeling clay.



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