Indian Larry Block Party

Article By: Darren McKeag

Photos By: Darren, Heather Walker & Amelia Rose

Originally Published In The December 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


As I sit here in the Rocky Mountains I’m reflecting on the 11th Annual Indian Larry Block Party that took place in Brooklyn New York a few weeks back. This year would be the first time attending the big event for a lot of people, and the social media buzz was really strong. We just knew deep down that there were going to be a lot more people in attendance and this year’s Block Party would be like no other. I was stoked to get there so when I got done tattooing at about 6 PM on Monday night, I made sure the van was loaded and I headed east for the 17 Hour drive to my good brother Bobby’s house. It was a long trip, but I was able to get thru it non stop.


Once I arrived in Brooklyn, I knew the week ahead was going to be non stop. You see, rolling with Bobby isn’t an easy task, your days are spent, moving and shaking on the front lines, getting shit done, 20 hours a day, everyday. If Bobby is ready to tear up Manhattan at 3 in the morning, you’d better be ready to ride. Hanging out at Indian Larry Motorcycles is a wonderful thing. First, you get to watch all the pretty girls walk by the shop, sometimes you get to enjoy a good NYC bagel while sitting outside the garage, John had a term for that, but I can’t say it.


If you find yourself bored with hot girls and bagels then just wait until the afternoon rolls around and Pete and Sal show up. This is when things start to get interesting in the garage and out front on the sidewalk. These two hold nothing back and riding with them in New York is like nothing you’ve ever done before. Combine these types of activities with the local garage hang arounds and you’re guaranteed a small party every day of the week. Now, put these weekdays on the calendar they prepared for the 11th Annual Block party and shit, there’s nothing more to be said, you’ve got one hell of a week of festivities in front of you. As the week progressed more and more friends started to roll in.


Hours and days were spent cleaning, preparing, running errands and promoting the show. Our good friend Alberto arrived from Italy, he owns and operates Mooneyes Cafe Italy. It was a great week with him. We spent many hours together and even an evening riding New York City with Bobby.


The Friday night before the party was almost as epic an evening as the Block Party itself, so many people had showed up to support the day, the evening and the cause. There were still a few last minute things to do, but for the most part, things were a go. As the sun came up on us on Saturday morning, it was the earliest day yet. With all hands on deck, including Mother Nature, we were able to start setting up the event. The street was coming alive right before our very eyes. As the smell of pork being cooked floated thru the air, the roar of motorbikes could be heard for blocks away. People began filling the streets and all of the artists and vendors were set up, ready to sell and display their goods.


This year, the city blocks were fuller than the previous year. I was only out of my booth for a few minutes, but I can sure you, the streets were packed with sweet rides, great people and good music. The Smoke & Mirrors Art Gallery filled one side of Union Ave and included some outstanding artist like Richie Pan, Devil Chicken, Endo Makoto, and our own Chris Callen. This year was even better than last year for me and my art. I was busy striping helmets, sold some art and even made several good European connections. Inside the ILM shop top notch tattoo artists kept busy throughout the day for those that were ready for some body art. A few people even stepped up and took one for the cause by volunteering for the dunk tank that was set up on the corner.


As the ten o’clock hour approached, the streets emptied a bit, but our hardcore friends were still there and going strong. Thanks to everyone lending a hand one could hardly notice that a party had been held in the streets of Brooklyn New York. However, if you looked inside the Indian Larry garage the party hadn’t skipped a beat. As in the years past, this wonderful orchestration would turn to pure chaos and mayhem by the midnight hour. In a good way mind you. As I look up right now at the snow covered Rocky Mountains, I reflect back on Brooklyn New York and what a great event the 11th Annual Indian Larry Block Party was. It was bigger, better and raised more money for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. People won big prizes, found lots of custom parts, accessories, art to purchase, had fantastic food and were entertained by killer bands all throughout the day. Next year will be bigger, better and greater things will be accomplished by many people. Until then my friends, I challenge you to conquer your own world, live each day as if it were the last. I’m going to spend the night in the mountains. See you soon. – Love D

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