In Motion 2019

Article By: Majik Mike  Photos By: Missi Shoemaker

Published April 2020

The Cycle Source In Motion Show is a unique motorcycle show unlike any other in the United States. This is an Invited only show that’s held in Galveston, Texas during the Lone Star Rally. The bikes and builders that are chosen for this show are all top-notch builders and they build some of the best bikes in the country. One of the outstanding features of this show is that every bike HAS TO RUN! These bikes don’t only have to look good; they need to perform just as good as they look. Before each bike becomes eligible for the grand prize, the builders are required to make an 80-100 mile ride, that includes three different checkpoints. If the bikes don’t run, they may be displayed but they will not be judged; as such will not be eligible for the grand prize, which is a check for $10,000! Unlike many other Invitational shows the judging for In Motion is not only peer-based. Chris Callen came up with a great scoring system to ensure that it wasn’t a popularity contest, but each bike was judged on its own merit. Each entrant has 3 minutes to tell the group about the motorcycle they brought and highlight some of the finer details prior to judging. Overall scoring is a 40/40/20 system; 40% of the score was determined by industry professionals, 40% from members of the trade and the final 20% is peer judging. And no, it’s not a just a “this is the best bike,” we had to judge each machine in ten different categories, on scale from one to ten. It was no easy task.

For me, one of the best parts of the show is the gathering of peer builders that I now consider family. This was my second year attending, and it’s gotten better each year. The hospitality and welcome from the Cycle Source team is top-notch. They even rent a house, which is right on the Gulf Coast for all the builders to sleep and party in, they even made sure we had VIP access for the concerts. The shakedown ride is like nothing you can describe unless you’ve done it. The emotions are high, the energy level is there, and the smiles on everyone’s faces are priceless.

This year happened to be my year with Bloody Knuckle. The bike performed perfectly, and we made the shakedown run with some of the best guys. It was obvious to everyone that we each brought our A-game to the show. When you saw the bikes displayed on their pedestals after the run, you knew the competition would be tough. Attendees were able to walk around each spot to look at all the details that went into each machine. You could tell how much time went into the builds and everyone had the chance to really appreciate them in person. Bringing home the top honor and the “BIG” check was something I will never forget. If you ever have a chance to get to the Lone Star Rally, I highly suggest you make it and check out everything that Rally has to offer!

A few words from CS: The In Motion Show grew out of listening to the builders that had put countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears into the machines they create. Many of them had grown weary of carting their asses and their machines to shows that lacked integrity; they were worn down from “losing” to bikes that didn’t run but whose creator had found strength in numbers that would allow them to take home the glory. It was time for things to change, for the craftsmen to be put to the test, to be judged on function and form. We are proud and humbled at the legs that this show has grown. We are honored that people want to be a part of it. We are even happier that we don’t have to judge it! The level of craftsmanship brought to the table in this third year was nothing short of remarkable and the thought of scoring those bikes made us weak in the knees. Thankfully though, we left that task to the professionals and were thrilled when the top three were announced. Brian Buttera took home an honorable third place, which included a frame from Paughco, in a herd of tens and Rick Bray landed in second (along with a Paughco Springer Front End) by mere decimal points. We owe a sincere thank you to the promoters of the Lone Star Rally, that make this show possible and for believing in our visions, if not for them the $10,000 would not be possible. Each year they step up to make sure we have an exhibit area like no other and ensure that we are able to provide the experience of a lifetime for the participants. We have started compiling the 2020 line-up and we can assure you that it is full of All-Stars so stay tuned…the best may be yet to come.

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