I am not one for all of the decorating lights but………

BothImagesI came across these lights and they are not decorative but they are useful. Plasma Rods™ use a patented technology that produces a bright, incredibly smooth light output, unlike anything you have seen before. Plasma Rods™ can be used about anywhere but they work great as turn signals or brake lights located between your bags and your fender/filler panel or as a third brake light located under your tour pak. Use one of our Run-Brake-Turn controllers to allow your Plasma Rods™ to function as running, brake, and turn. Plasma Rods™ are available in three different lengths 8.0″ or 12″ or 14″ x 0.3″ x 1.0″ and mount with 3M automotive grade tape that is included.Plasma-rod-lite-picture With their smoke lens, Plasma Rods™ are almost invisible when off, and bright red with illuminated. Works on all 12VDC negative ground systems. Single intensity 2 Wire design, use Eclipze™ Module or dual converter to convert to dual intensity. Use 8″ for standard bags and 12″ or 14″ for extended bags.Plasma-Rod-red-and-yellow-aU.S. Patents: 6,592,238 6,953,262 7,188,970  Canadian Patent: 2,434,955


So check them out at http://www.customdynamics.com/plasma_rod_led_lights.htm

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