How Low can you go……

Progressive Suspension – Lowered Fork Springs – 2014+ Touring models

The latest generation of Harley Touring models saw a number of improvements, one of the more significant was an upgrade to a 49mm fork tube to help stabilize the front end. What they didn’t include is an option to lower it and that’s where the folks at Progressive Suspension come in.

They’ve been creating high performance suspension for decades and it didn’t take them long to release a height adjusted solution for the new baggers. Available in a 1” or 2” drop and wound in a higher spring rate to better control bottoming and brake dive. The end result is a great stance, easier reach to the ground and an enhanced ride, all for under $120

Check out the Progressive website, or contact your local Progressive Suspension dealer for more information.

10-1568 Fork Lowering Kit – 2014+ Harley Touring Models     MSRP $118.95


PS Fork Spring Kit - Lowered

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