Hot Leathers Making a Splash at Sturgis Rally Week 2010

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Hot Leathers is proud to sport an ever-expanding presence at Sturgis Rally Week 2010. The industry leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories will be featuring several locations in and around Sturgis during Rally Week this year.  Rally-goers will be able to choose from Hot Leathers’ permanent location on Main Street Sturgis in addition to a number strategically located spots including several out at the Legendary Buffalo Chip; the epicenter of Sturgis Rally Week mayhem.
Customers will be able to choose from a significant selection of specialty-printed Sturgis Rally and officially licensed Buffalo Chip merchandise including t-shirts, hats and other miscellaneous products for men, women, and children. Known for offering the best selection of motorcycle merchandise in stores, online and on the road, Hot Leathers is proud to showcase its quality products at Sturgis Rally Week. Wherever you find yourself at Sturgis, a Hot Leathers location is sure to be nearby.

Hot Leathers has also partnered with eccentric comedian and American icon Pee-wee Herman in creating a unique and stylish line of merchandise to commemorate Pee-wee Herman’s New Big Adventure at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. In addition, Hot Leathers will be sponsoring the premier charity and celebrity event in motorcycling, the 3rd Annual Legends Ride as well as Michael Lichter’s internationally renowned and high anticipated 10th Annual Motorcycles as Art exhibition entitled, "Eternal Combustion- 30 in the Wind" held in the Lichter Exhibition Hall on the grounds of the Legendary Buffalo Chip.
"This is Sturgis’ 70th Anniversary and Hot Leathers is proud to be a part of the festivities," explains Hot Leathers’ retail operations manager, Andy George.  "Hot Leathers is the ultimate purveyor of Sturgis Rally Week memories and we always looks forward to coming out for Rally Week and seeing everyone year after year. This year we will have a larger selection of Buffalo Chip merchandise as well as an overall expanded presence and we’re really looking forward to all of it."
Hot Leathers has been serving the motorcycle community for over 25 years. The company’s growing wholesale and printing facilities have earned it a place as one of America’s top 50 volume screen printers. Hot Leathers is constantly on the road, showcasing its merchandise at a number of rallies and events across the country. Visit them online at and keep an eye out this summer for the Hot Leathers logo. It’s a brand you can trust with prices you can easily afford.

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