Hole E Roller

Article And Photos By: Josh Elzey

Originally Published In The July 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

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When Vinny Schettino was just seven years old the upstairs tenant used to ride and loved how they would rip down the street on older Softails, Dynas, etc. setting off car alarms. He thought that was the coolest thing in the world and had to be like that one day. Since then he has always been around bikes but never pulled the trigger on buying one. His buddy Chris invited him to the now closed, Nashua Harley Davidson, Saturday Show held by Krazy Kustom’s to check out some bikes and maybe get Vinny interested in one. After walking around the show they decided to go inside and happened upon a 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob with a decent price on it. As usual the dealer caught them and with, at the time, no intention of buying started to break his balls negotiating the price. After going back and forth for a while Chris and Vinny’s girlfriend Jessica said enough is enough. It was time for him to buy it or end it! With some cash on hand Vinny handed it to the dealer so he could pick the HD up the next Monday. Having ended years of trying to figure out what to get it was finally time to ride his own bike. He started getting parts before even leaving the dealer having picked up some handle bars. Chris then advised Vinny to let his cousin Jay of STS Customs install the bars. An aftermarket speedo was installed off a Fat Bob to move the key off the neck to the dash so he didn’t have to leave the key in the ignition all the time. Next was an exhaust and the fourth one was the charm picking up a Paul Yaffe production that was for a Softail. STS re-angled the straight exhaust for better fit and function then painted the pipes flat black before reinstalling some of the chrome heat shields. Last was changing out the air cleaner and removing some excess parts before finishing up for summer cruising, however there were big plans for the winter while holed up hibernating from New England’s frigid season.

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After a couple hundred beers they began to tear the bike down and throw out some ideas. The struts were the first thing cut off. They tossed around the idea of internal struts so Vinny’s girlfriend could still ride with him, however they were advised that it was not doable. This gave them every reason to prove that it could be done. They grabbed a rear fender blank rolled it to the desired shape and chopped and cut it before bolting it to the frame to cover the newly fabricated internal struts. Having to use the old 1940’s machinery that was available meant taking things slow and steady but also meant time to consider other ideas. Vinny knew he wanted to lift the tank to add dimension thus sought input from a good hot rod builder friend of his dads who did a lot during the 60’s. He said that the tank needed some holes and once explained STS loved it. To get the final design they mocked up a couple of tanks until settling on one they would end up building. LED’s also seemed a good modification to break up the design and while Vinny was at Autozone happened upon some that would drop right in. After completing the tank, they decided to added similar holes to the swing arms to carry the theme thru the bike. Now it was time for paint! Vinny had tons of ideas and was bombarding Tony of STS, torturing him with various styles until he was asked to please stop the madness. Tony had a design in mind and worse case they could always repaint. Wanting a classic nostalgic look and paying homage to their youth hockey years a flaked pagan gold and black was laid down on the bare metal which just happened to be the Boston Bruins colors. STS then took the parts up to Jesse’s Custom Design for pinstriping and lettering before final assembly providing a bike that would stand out at the meets. Being a police officer this gave the freedom to get away from the stress at work to clear his head instead of sitting around doing the cop talk. Biggest thing to come from the bike build… the most important is how close Chris, Tony, Jay and Vinny have become. They are now like brothers and don’t go a day without talking to each other… Making true friends being 4 guys that will ride no matter what.

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Hole-E-Roller Tech Sheet

Owner: Vinny Schettino

Fabrication By: STS Custom Cycles

City/state: East Boston, MA

Year: 2011

Model: H-D Dyna Street Bob

Value: Priceless

Time: 7 Months


Year: 2011

Model: 96” Twin Cam

Builder: Harley-Davidson

Ignition: Stock

Displacement: 96”

Pistons: Stock

Heads: Stock

Carb: EFI

Cam: Andrews

Air Cleaner: S&S

Exhaust: Paul Yaffe/STS Customs

Primary: Stock


Year: 2011

Make: Harley-Davidson

Shifting: 6 Speed


Year: 2011

Make: Harley-Davidson

Rake: Stock

Stretch: Stock


Type: Harley-Davidson




Front Wheel: Harley-Davidson

Size: 19”

Front Tire: Pirelli Night Dragon

Front brake: Harley-Davidson

Rear Wheel: Triumph 40 Spoke

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Pirelli Night Dragon

Rear brake: Harley-Davidson


Painter: STS Custom Cycles

Color: Silver Flake, Pagan Gold, Black

Type: House Of Kolor

Graphics: Jesse Custom Design Pinstriping


Bars: Roland Sands

Risers: None

Hand Controls: Harley-Davidson

Fuel tank: STS Custom Cycles

Front Fender: Stock

Rear Fender: STS Custom Cycles

Seat: LaPera

Foot Controls: Harley-Davidson

Oil tank: Harley-Davidson

Headlight: Harley-Davidson

Taillight: None

Speedo: Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Photographer: Josh Elzey

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