Hillbilly Invitational

1st Annual at BMR

Article By: Chris Callen

Originally Published In The  September 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


When we decided that we would bring back Big Mountain Run this year we knew that it had to be about something, I mean the run itself is, but what statement could we make with the bikes that come out to an average BMR? While everyone around the country has been doing invitational this and invitational that we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to bring together builders from the eastern half of the United States and really showcase the talent that this part of the country has to offer.

This all came to me one day while talking to Roland Karol from Spectro Oils at Born Free 4. He was talking about all the great bikes there and I agreed but then he said that it’s a shame that we could never have anything like this back east. I was perplexed and asked him why, he went on to say that there just weren’t enough good quality bikes in our part of the country and then asked me if I agreed…Hell No! I’m a big fan of builders in all parts of the country but goddamnit I’m east coast through and through so I went to Frank and the rest of the guys and asked them to let me hold the first ever Hillbilly Invitational. W Now we didn’t have much time and a few of our original picks had to back out but I just couldn’t let this go down without setting a flag down in the name of the right coast. So by the time the smoke cleared and the 2014 installment of BMR came around we had eight builders from Kentucky to Ohio and all the way up to Maine, up and down the eastern seaboard…and brother there wasn’t a dog in the bunch.

We would have a voting system that went like this: 33% would be based on public opinion, 33% on the builders votes and the last 33% from a panel of judges that we put together. Names like Jeff Cochran, Will Ramsey and Nate Jacobs, right along side of guys like Jason Grimes, Zack Conway and John Bateman. In the end the votes were tallied and this years winner of The Hillbilly Invitational and automatic qualification to Artistry In Iron during Las Vegas Bikefest was Nate Jacobs of Harlot Cycle (Cover Bike). All the bikes were outstanding and it’s a tradition we hope to continue with even bigger for next year.


Will Ramsey – Faith Forgotten Choppers Louisville, KY



Nate Jacobs – Harlot Cycles Murfreesboro, TN



Zack Conway – Diamonds N Rust Lower Burrell, PA



Jason Grimes – Northeast Chop Shop Windham, ME



Jeff Cochran – Speedking West Harrison, IN



Jeremy Cupp – LC Fabrications Harrisonburg, VA



Austin Andrella – Austin Martin Originals Akron, OH



John Bateman – Bridge City Chop Shop Bridgeville, PA

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