Harley-Davidson is letting it’s feminine side peek through……

OB-QF985_harley_E_20111022235111Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle manufacturer that has often been associated with tough male bikers, is now trying to expand its market by making the brand more approachable for women.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the brand is trying to rebuild sales that took a beating during the recession, and part of its strategy is to appeal to the atypical Harley rider – namely, women, younger consumers, people beyond the U.S. and minorities.
More and more women are riding than most people realize.


As part of its efforts to reel in women motorcyclists, the company is posting how-to videos online, offering tutorials on how females can set a fallen 550-pound bike upright. It is also pushing bike models that are more female-friendly, such as those that have lower seats, the news source explains.
Beverage manufacturer Dr Pepper recently took another route, trying to show male consumers that it was OK for them to buy diet drinks too. The company introduced Dr Pepper TEN, a drink “for men only,” that had a more masculine gunmetal gray color and ads that spread the “It’s not for women” message.

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