Harder Faster

From the December 2014 Issue of Cycle Source

Article By: Magoo   Photos By: Matt Aims

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Zack Harnish had always been around motorcycles. His grandfather built up a pan chop in the 70’s that influenced Zack’s father and Zack’s father passed that inspiration on to him. His father took him to The Smokeout when he was eight years old and that left a lasting impression on him. He remembers seeing Indian Larry riding wheelies on his bike that day. Zack knew then he wanted to one day have a traditional looking hotrod Harley. He went on to race motocross for a bunch of years. He won track championships at Pagoda and Sleepy Hollow tracks in Pa. It got to a point where he was needing to travel more and more to race. Zack got burned out of the motocross deal with the money becoming an issue. School, job and “normal” life where the deal for a few years. As time passed Zack got the itch for a bike again. His father was in Oaks, Pa. looking at a bike for himself at Brian Burke’s East 11th Cycles and saw this rigid 1984 Ironhead sitting around. It was a bike that Brian was building for himself. After a lot of negotiating the Ironhead was on its way to Zack’s home in Lancaster. Brian had already installed a Led Sled weld on hard tail kit. Brian also got it up and running before Zack got it home. The bike had a Low Brow peanut tank on it with a pretty basic paint job. That was not going to cut it. Zack got ahold of Todd Cassler at Flames Unlimited in Reading, Pa for some paint work. Todd ended up doing a bunch of other work to the bike as well. House of Color black and pagan gold was sprayed on the tank and the result is awesome! While the bike was at Todd’s shop he fabbed the exhaust up out of stainless steel and again the result is awesome. He also made a top motor mount and a new sissy bar. Zack had tried to order bars from LA Speed Shop and the ones he wanted where on back order at the time. Zack’s father was on vacation in California and not far from LA Speed Shop so he figured he would take a ride by to see if they had any. Chris Richardson told him that the bars where in fact not in stock but if he had an hour or so he would make them for him right away. Chris went to work and Zack ended up with bars he wanted. Big props to Chris for the over the top customer service. The stock Ironhead 35mm forks where changed out for some Wargasser shaved and polished 39mm forks using stock Sporty triple trees. The Bates style head light is from Cycle Addiction. The front 21” wheel was laced up to a spool hub and an Avon Speed Master tire was mounted up giving the front end a very clean look. The rear Harley wheel has a Shinko tire mounted completing the traditional Harley chop stance that Zack wanted.

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The finished bike is exactly what Zack envisioned way back that day at The Smokeout. Zack has been putting miles on it throughout the summer to work out any bugs with no problems. Zack has recently had it at the Strange Days show in Vernon, NJ and put some miles on it in the hills of north NJ. The Indian Larry Block Party and Brooklyn Invitational where next. While in for the two shows in Brooklyn they stayed at a hotel in NJ. Zack was able to put some hard city miles on it blasting around Manhattan down Broadway past Times Square and thru the Lincoln Tunnel with the ole Ironhead performing flawlessly. Next up for Zack and the Ironhead is The Race of Gentlemen. I’ll see him down there!

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Harder Faster Tech Sheet
Owner: Zack Harnish
City: Lancaster, PA
Fabrication By: Todd Cassler, Flames Unlimited
Year: 1984
Model: HD Sportster
Time: Winter 2013
Year: 1984
Model: Ironhead
Builder: HD
Ignition: Stock
Displacement: 1000cc
Pistons: Stock
Heads: Stock
Cam(s): Stock
Carb: S&S Super E
Air Cleaner: S&S Donut
Exhaust: Flames Unlimited
Primary: Stock
Year: 1984
Make: Harley Davidson
Shifting: 1 Up, 3 Down
Year: 1984
Make: HD/Led Sled Weld On
Rake: Nope
Stretch: Nah
Type: HD 39mm
Builder: HD
sliders: Wargrasser Shaved & Polished
Triple Trees: Stock
Front Wheel: Cycle Standard
Size: 21”
Front Tire: Avon Speedmaster
Front brake: Spool
Rear Wheel: HD
Size: 16”
Rear Tire: Shinko
Rear Brake: HD Disk
Painter: Todd Cassler, Flames Unlimited
Color: Black / Pagan Gold
Type: Two Stage
Graphics: Metal Flake Flames
molding: No Way
Bars: LA Speed Shop
Risers: None
Gas Tank(s): Lowbrow Customs
Rear fender: Lowbrow Customs
Seat: Flames Unlimited
Foot Controls: Anderson’s
Oil Tank: Led Sled Customs
Headlight: Throttle Addiction, Bates Style
Taillight: HD
Points Cover: E-Bay Death Head
Photographer: Matt Aims

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