Ground Up – A Springer From Prism

Featured In The January 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Article By: Roadside Marty Photos By: Rob LunettaFeature 2a

For some people in the motorcycle world the Panhead is the ultimate motor for any chopper that they may build or hope to build. I must say that in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful engines the Motor Co. ever produced. They were produced from 1948 to 1965. During the heyday of choppers in the 60’s and 70’s they were used in every way imaginable. When the guys at Prism started to build this sweet chop they wanted to stay true to history, as well as give the owner want he wanted. This build started when a close friend of theirs Andy Williamson, who owns a cool brand named Refuel Motorculture and has collaborated with the guys on other projects had a friend who wanted a custom motorcycle built. Andy didn’t hesitate to suggest that Jake and Zach from Prism Motorcycles could build him something that he would dig and be proud of. For most everybody out there the possibility of scoring a real Panhead motor is usually out of the question and Tim wanted a more modern bike with an older style so the guys used an S&S P motor with a 5 speed transmission with electric start and since Tim’s from Texas he wanted a kickstart as well. Being from the Charlotte N.C. area where some of the best fabricators in the world hale from, think Nascar, the guys at Prism grew up learning how to fabricate with their Dad, as well as some other great teachers so it’s no surprise that they have the skill to make the majority of anything they use like frames, tanks, front ends, oil tanks, fenders and exhausts. When you look over this sweet bike you’ll see what I’m talking about. The frame, you guessed it, it’s an original by Prism Motorcycles, that bitchin tight little springer… yep they made that too along with the gas and oil tanks. I’ve gotta say I’m pretty damned impressed with what these guys came up with. The awesome set of pipes were also made in house with some rippled tubing that Jake and Zach got from Lucas at Factory Metal Works and those rabbit ear bars look just right up there. Right around the time they were working on this build the shop was selected to be on the Discovery Channel’s new series “Biker Live” so they thought why not use this build to show what they could do when given a chance. When the TV crew came to film the guys would film 2 or 3 nights a week from 4pm till 3am for 5 weeks, all he while the guys still had to go to their day jobs. Jake will admit that the schedule was brutal but he says that the film crew were great guys that were very easy to work with!

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As with any build, whether it’s for yourself or a customer, the decision over paint can be one of the easiest or hardest choices to make. This time Jake, Zach and Andy went back and forth with Tim’s ideas as well as their own until one afternoon at a local Bojangles restaurant, Zach’s favorite by the way, they finally worked out something they could all agree on. It was no easy task for their good buddy Porkchop to take their idea and go with it but in the end he absolutely nailed it! After all of the fab work, paint and chroming were done final assembly was a breeze for the guys. Tim was a very satisfied customer, even more so when the guy’s brought home the win from Biker Live which had some stiff competition. Keep your eyes on these Carolina brothers at at Prism Motorcycles because after what I’ve seen these guys are gonna be around for a very long time! First and foremost Jake and Zach would like to thank their families for supporting and encouraging them to follow their dreams and to Peter, Derek, Randy and Josh for all of the hard work and dedication to help them whenever they needed it! I’m looking forward to see what these guys do next!

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Owner: Tim Clark
Fabrication By: Prism Motorcycles
year: 2014
Time: 6 Weeks
Model: S&S 103” Panhead
Builder: Prism Motorcycles
Carb: S&S Super E
Air Cleaner: Prism Motorcycles
Exhaust: Prism Motorcycles
Make: Ultima
Shifting: 5 Speed
Make: Prism Motorcycles
Type: Springer
Builder: Prism Motorcycles
Triple Trees:
Front Wheel: Spool Wheel
Size: 21”
Tire: Avon Speedmaster
Front Brake: N/A
Rear Wheel: Paughco
Tire: Avon MKII
Rear Brake: Wildwood/4 Piston
Painter: Porckchop
Polishing: Concord Plating
Graphics: Porkchop
Bars: Prism Motorcycles
Hand Controls: Kustom Tech
Gas Tank(s): Prism Motorcycles
Front fender:
Rear fender:
Seat: Prism Motorcycles
Foot Controls: Boosted Brad
Oil Tank:
Headlight: ‘4 3/4” V-Twin Mfg
Tailight: Prism Motorcycles
Photographer: Rob Lunetta

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