Griese Metal Works


We would like to welcome Craig Griese from Griese Metal Works, to our blog. He is stoked about Chris’s plight for American Made and you will be seeing his parts here shortly.

“I started cutting, chopping and welding my own parts in my mom’s garage when I was about 16 years old because I couldn’t afford to go buy new parts or pay to have anyone else do it. Taking auto shop and auto body through high school eventually led to a job working at a body shop. This led to me spending more time working on my own stuff which in return broke me about even. Eventually I put myself threw school studying welding engineering and business management by using the money I made from making parts and detailing cars. After school I eventually scrapped enough dough together to get some used, though new to me, equipment, an old Miller Tig welder, an English wheel, mill and lathe.”

“ I seemed to notice a trend of people paying good money for parts that were not that well-made or that had to be reworked to fit properly. After having to spend more time making parts work than it would take me to make my own I decided to just simply make quality parts that were made the right way out of good materials. That’s when I started Griese Metal Works here in Saginaw, Michigan. I learned early on from Bruce, an instructor of mine from college, that “your work is only as good as the welds you make”. Anyone can stick two pieces of metal together but how many can do it right. I was fortunate enough to have been taken under the wing of a few old timers who will forget more than most will ever know. I owe what I do today to them. Taking pride in one’s work, doing it right, using good materials and keeping it here in America. “ For more information, be sure to check out his website

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